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Do you like to search in Sinhala "සාමාන්‍ය දැනුම ශ්‍රී ලංකා නොමිලේ භාගත" ?
Do you like to search in translated Sinhala "සාමාන්‍ය දැනුම ශ්‍රී ලංකා නොමිලේ භාගත" ?
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<b>General</b> <b>Knowledge</b> Book Free 2010 PDF SET-1 | CURRENT AFFAIRS 2012 (TRIVIA QUIZ)

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The Future- Sri Lanka, News _ Entertainment>>>>Your Prosperity ! Our Target !: January 2008

ound."March 1753On March 10th Norris again wrote Agent Charles.I gave Information that our Bell was <b>general</b>ly like & appvd of but in a few days after my writing I had the Mortification to hear that it was cracked by a stroke of the clapper without an

Transparency International Sri Lanka | 2010 Presidential election petition filed in courts on behalf of Gen.Sarath Fonseka

<b>GENERAL</b> INTIMIDATION : CONCISE STATEMENT OF MATERIAL FACTS ON WHICH THE PETITIONER RELIES There was <b>general</b> intimidation committed in connection with the election. This consisted of acts of intimidation. These acts of intimidation are set out below.

Serving Sri Lanka: 03/06/2005 - 03/13/2005

ad of the Brussels-based International Crisis Group think tank.Without TV time, aid experts say the <b>general</b> public is unlikely to donate in large quantities, as they did after the tsunami when individual donations to charities outpaced initial offers

Serving Sri Lanka: 06/26/2005 - 07/03/2005

ack down on demonstrations. According to the Daily Mirror on June 20, the southern deputy inspector <b>general</b> of police W. Prathapasinghe has banned all demonstrations and processions along the southern coastal belt from Bentota to Tangalla. When conta

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Sri Lanka Defence Forum: Devolution - A Recipe for National Suicide

Sri Lanka and India has made it clear to me that the great strides made in Sri Lanka are due to the <b>general</b> environment of compassion and tolerance engendered by the Buddhist traditions and values of the majority Sinhala community. In every country,

The Future- Sri Lanka, News _ Entertainment>>>>Your Prosperity ! Our Target !: July 2010

rwritings like presenting anovertly Buddhist perspective. He has presented toschool students andthe <b>general</b> readers a book which all Sri Lankans couldaccept as abalanced piece of writing. If Ponnambalam Arunachalam couldappreciatethe chronicler versi

Higher study programs: Sri Lanka: March 2010|postgraduates Degree Programs-Sri Lanka

to develop a critical awareness of modern ICT applications and Information Systems and to use that <b>knowledge</b> in decision making and strategic management.ELIGIBILITY : A BachelorsDegree in any field from a recognized University. orA Membership of ar

Youth Employment in Sri Lanka | Rozana Himaz -

he Sri Lankan economy liberalized in 1977, undertaking structural adjustment programs and moving in <b>general</b> towards a more market oriented stance. The policy shift seems to have had a positive impact on several macro aggregates. GDP growth rates have
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වෙළඳ දැන්වීම් :

ඔබ රැකියාවක් සොයනවාද ?

ඔබ සොයන්නේ රැකියාවක් නම්,
අපේ වෙබ් අඩවිය තුල ලියාපදිංචි වන්න
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සස්රුත සිංහල වෙළඳ දැන්වීම්

ඔබේ වෙබ් අඩවියත් ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ
එකම සිංහල සස්රුත සෙවුම් ප්‍රතිඵලට
ඇතුලු කිරීමට විමසන්න ..
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තරු බලන්න ආසද?

ලෝකේ කොහේ හිටියත්
තරු බලන්න ආස අයට ....
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ත්‍රිපිටකය සිංහලෙන්

තෙවලා දහම හෙල බසින්
ත්‍රිපිටකය සිංහලෙන්
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