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Index of Scientific Names: Common Trees of the Pacific Northwest

Scientific Names To learn about the common trees found in the Pacific Northwest, click a name. Each genus page also includes ...

Ontario Trees and Shrubs - Scientific (Latin) Names

Trees and Shrubs - Scientific (Latin) Names: Scientific Names (also known as Latin Names) are the universally recognized way to distinctly refer to individual species of plants.

Information on Scientific Names of Leaves from Trees ...

Information on Scientific Names of Leaves from Trees at, Science section

Can I have a list of all the scientific names of trees in ...

Can I have a list of all the scientific names of trees in minnesota? ChaCha Answer: Acer saccharum is the Sugar Maple.Acer nigrum is ...

Scientific names of trees

Scientific Names of Trees. Return. To find the scientific name of a tree enter the common name of a tree in the box below and click on the search button.

List of Scientific, Latin or Botanical Names of Trees

List of scientific, latin, botanical tree names for genus and species information.

Tree Names Common and Botanical List Types of Trees

Lists of trees by Common Name or Lists of trees by Scientific, Botanical Latin Names. Types of Christmas Trees Names of the popular species of Natural Christmas Trees, and ...

Common Names and Scientific Names for Landscape Plants - RodsGarden

Common and scientific names for trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, herbs and houseplants.

Scientific Names for Palm Trees |

There are literally hundreds of different varieties of palm trees, all members of the Arecaceae family. Found in sub-tropic and tropical regions, palm trees thrive in ...

Scientific Names for Live Oak Trees |

An 18th century naturalist named Carl Linnaeus created a system of classification that gives all the separate species on earth have a scientific name. This is a two ...

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