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Full text of "A comparative grammar of the Sanskrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, Lithuanian, Gothic, German, and Sclavonic languages"

the first. Thus, as fersyfef'tjfer-ti9^ corresponds to bi-bhar-shiy bi-bhar-ti, bi-bhri-thaj so fer answers tobibhri'hi (from bibhar-dhi), the personal termination being suppressed, asin ef=Greek, ta-Bi^ Sanscrit i-dhi from ad-dhi (for as-dhi).3q^956

Full text of "A Handbook of the Swahili Language, as Spoken at Zanzibar"

so that the singular and plural forms ofmost words count as two, while the same form willsometimes answer to two or more forms in the othernumber. Dr. Block's arrangement is the most conve-nient for his purpose, which is the comparison of theformati

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That party which has the ascendency is termed the maid, orstrong ; the other is the vaivai, or weak answering nearly to our" administration" and " opposition." The general government of thecountry is, in fact, conducted entirely by the former, though

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he prose version, or not, may possibly be aquestion to which close linguistic study might provide ananswer.In phonology, again, we seem to have the same interestingand suggestive phenomena. For instance in the third volumeof our text are found severa
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