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Full text of "Cyclopædia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia, Commercial, Industrial and Scientific ..."

y be substitutedfor D. Meserenm. The bazar mecereon iaalmoet always inert from age. — In Chumba,the flowers appear to be hang up as of-ferings in temples. /. L. Sietcari M. It. ff^mt^h»M^,p.5Sl. BMg. Phar.-page 279.Bee Daphne. Daphne cannabina. Thyml

Full text of "The Mahávansi, the Rájá-ratnácari, and the Rájávali;"

pen to the Western worldwith no sparing hand ; not only have the lighter pro-ducts — the pearls and flowers — of Hindu imaginationbeen introduced to the notice of the learned and thetasteful in Europe, but the more severe and complex,and more profoun

Full text of "Sacred books of the Buddhists"

e text. Cf. the episode in Vol. 2, p. 452 (text) wherethe women strewed the king with " handfuls of flowers," puspamustlhi.Perhaps, ° must i hi is the right reading here too.' I.e., that night, after Alinda had come home.* Literally, " one ", ekind,

Full text of "Ramayana Of Valmeeki"

ive "an accurate and scholarly tran-slation" of every quotation; he has preferred to give theliving flowers rather the dried specimens. Orientalists,in the pride of their mastery of 'dead' language, will verylikely scoff at the rendering of one to wh

Full text of "Ceylon; an account of the island"

e kings to thepriesthood *Large possessions of the temples atthe present day . . . .3Cultivation of flowers for the temples 3Their singular profusion . . .3Fruit trees planted by the Buddhistsovereigns 3Edicts of Asoea 3DomzcdoyGoOglcCONTENTS OFPageA

Full text of "Maple leaves : a budget of legendary, historical, critical, and sporting intelligence. [1st-7th ser.]"

uented patha of Canadian hiatoiy, archeology, legenda. Tailedby short sketchea of Canadian scenery, flowers, birds, fishes, AcI now lay before them, with all its short comings, a familiaritinerary of travel, by sea and by land, covering a score of ye

Full text of "Indian antiquary"

ion.w Sixteen different kinds of adornments go to complete a Hindu wife's toilette, such as kunkuh, flowers, goldand silver ornaments for the nose, ears, hands and feet, etc., etc.w The word ^J'fr daughter-in-law with the respectful ending ^ occurs a

Full text of "A dictionary of the Malayan language, in two parts, Malayan and English and English and Malayan"

e, only, alone. One. Tu-han long dsa who is Lord alone. BurFga dsadan bunga susun single and double flowers.Koraiig dsa sa-rdtus bdniak-nia their numberswanted one of a himdred. Dua pulu dsatwenty-one. Ka-dua pulu dsa the twenty-first.^t^i'^ ka-asd-a

Sunflowers: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Sunflower Plants | The Old Farmer's Almanac

viceWordStoreYour Account / LoginAlmanacsCalendarsCookingGardeningHome GoodsWeatherClearance SaleSunflowersDescriptionWhere to buy sunflowers: Burpee Gardening Sunflowers say “summer” like no other plant.American natives, sunflowers are grow for beau

Full text of "The book of Scottish song : a comprehensive collection of the most approved songs of Scotland : with historical and critical notices regarding them and their authors and an essay on the song-writers of Scotland"

did o'er-hear him ;And round about the thorny tree;She doughtna let her loyer mourn;Or pu' the wild flowers a' for thee«But, ere he Wist, drew near him.My only jo and dearie, 0.She spak' her favour wi' a look,Which left nae room to doubt her:I ha'e a
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