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A guide to the scientific knowledge of things familiar. By Rev. Dr. Brewer ... Carefully revised, and adapted for use in families and schools of the United States.

st-The cloudy weather diminishes the light of the sun; and without the stimulus of sun-light, these flowers never open their leaves. 2dly-The vapor of the damp air, in. sinuatingc itself into the air-vessels of these delicate plants, causes themt to

December Birth Flower

ittarius :Ethical, Humorous, Generous, Dynamic & CompassionateBirth Month FlowersThere are specific flowers which are traditionally given according to the month that a person is born. The December Birth Flower is the Narcissus. The History and tradit

Full text of "A History Of Sanskrit Literature Classical Period Vol I"

to branch and from leafto leaf, but the tree has left its mark, the type towhich it belongs, in its flowers. One can classifythe histories of the various people by comparingthe essential characteristics of the literature as muchas one can classify th

The Project Gutenberg eBook ofHinduism And Buddhism, Volume III (of 3) by Sir. Charles Eliot.

uttwo pecks yet such were its miraculous properties that the poor couldfill it with a gift of a few flowers, whereas the rich cast in myriadsof bushels and found there was still room for more. A few years laterFa-Hsien heard a sermon in Ceylon[62] in

The Easiest Roses You Can Grow

eceive you; 'Little Mischief' is a perfect resident for any sunny garden. It produces masses of red flowers (that fade to hot pink as they age) all season long. And this variety isn't bothered one bit by disease. Size: To 2 feet tall Zones: 4-9Click

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.omoa, chotnoza.)Chomoza, v. (r) make a way out,come out, appear, stick out. A'ltcayanachomoza, the flowers are begin-ning to appear. Kas inachomoza,the cape juts out (comes into sight).Esp. of the sun, jua li??iachomoza ,the sun bursts out. Hence (2

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nth'emj^. a holy song or divine hymn—ishwarbishayak ^-an— ildhi git ,Anthol'ogy, s. a collection of flowers, poems, or devotions — pushper bdkabitdr bd ishwarastabersangraha — guldasta, phulou ka guchha, majmuulashdrAnthropoph'agi, s. cannibals, eate

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ith God and the entire cosmos.For this course, the devotee has to bring along a white handkerchief, flowers and fruits for performing a puja ceremony.The puja honours the masters of the Vedic tradition who nurtured and transmitted the knowledge of th

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he World-protectors (lokapalah) to witness that Truth alone is vic-torious. The divinities showered flowers upon him. Hethen plucked out his eyes,^ and gave them to Sajjana,who rode off, recommending him to live on the fruit ofthe tree whose blossoms

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ot, I will shoot my darts at you."The Bodhisattwa was unmoved. The darts, as they fell,became lotus flowers. The king of the Maras then offeredhim his three daughters to attend on him. Shakyamunisaid, "You attained, by a small act of virtue, the body
Results for "flowers" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 63 of 100