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Kentuckiana Digital Library > books > Bibliotheca Americana: catalogue of a valuable collection of books and pamphlets relating to America ; with a descriptive list of Robert Clarke & Co's historical publications. (vol. 2)

................... Connecticut................... Dakota ....................................... Delaware ......................................... District of Columbia............................. Far West...........................................

Full text of "Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal"

ologicalpapers and Analyses of the Asiatic Society, 409Kfific Silrer Coins, An acconnt of eight, 637laws of Stonns, A Twentieth Memoir on the, in the Indian andChina Seas, being the April Cyclone of the Bay of Bengal, 23rd to28th April, 1860, By H. P

Full text of "An etymological dictionary of modern English"

n the matter of "scientific" terms, often coined with complete indifferenceScientific to linguistic laws and the real meanings of words, I have made it aterms j-yie to exclude everything which the "New English Dictionary"quotes only from technical tr

Full text of "Complete Works Of The Swami Vivekananda Part V"

mpathy and integrity take theirplace. Happy is the nation which can rise to the necessityof but few law books, and needs no longer to bother itshead about this or that institution. Good men rise beyondall laws, and will help their fellows to rise und

Full text of "Memorials of the Most Reverend Father in God, Thomas Cranmer, sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, wherein the history of the Church and the Reformation of it, during the primacy of the said archbishop are greatly illustrated; and many si

e, which may come aswel by thepeople within this realme, which thynke surely that theyhave an hayre lawful already, with whom they al be welcontente, and wolde be sory to have any other. And ytwolde be harde to persuade thaym to take any other, le-vy

Full text of "A catalogue of the library of the London Institution"

6raires. 8vo. 18 vol. Par. l805Dallas's j[R. C.) History of the Maroon War. 8vo.2 vol. Lond. 1803Dallaway^s (James) Inquiries into the Origin of Heraldryin England. 4to. Gloucester, 1793Dalla^vay's (J.) Constantinople, ancient and ipoden^,Digitizedby

Full text of "Collections towards a bibliography of the universities of Aberdeen"

ors, Principals, Profeffours of Divinity, and prefent | Mafters : andAn Account of the governmeht, laws and cohstitu- [tioh of the Kingdom.I -■ I LONDON, I Printed by E. Fief her, for R. Royfton, Bookfeller to the king'smoft I Sacred majesty, Anno D

Full text of "An outline of the religious literature of India"

ic and the Zoroastrian religionshad already taken shape. One most remarkable conception,the idea of law physical and moral as a fixed divine order, wasformed at a very early date. It is already found in Persianproper names at a very early date, possi

Full text of "The history of the worthies of England. Volume 1"

difficulty and tedious prolixity as the canon and civil laws. .Yet it is most true, that the common law books are dearerthan any of the same proportion. Quot libri, tot libræ, holdethtrue in many, and is exceeded in some of them. Yea, shouldnow an ol

Full text of "Bulletin of Books in the Various Departments of Literature and Science Added to the Public ..."

oHes to David. By H. Oort.Vol. 2. From iHiTid to Josiah ; from Josiah to the supremacy ofthe MoMaic law. By H. Oobt.Vol. 3. The narratives of the New Testament. By I. Hootkaab.Reicbei, Levin T. The moraviansin North Caro-lina. An authentic history. S
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