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Full text of "A catalogue of the Telugu books in the library of the British Museum, completed by L. D. Barnett. Printed by order of the Trustees"

anslated bythe Rev. Messrs. Gordon and Pritchett [and theNew Testament in the version of J. S, Wai-dlawand J, Hay, revised by a Committee], (The New33BIBLEBIBLE34Testament . . . r'^pnoiful.) pp. i. 933, i. 310.Madras Axuiliary Bible Society : America

Full text of "Catalogue of the Spanish library and of the Portuguese books bequeathed by George Ticknor to the Boston Public Library, together with the collection of Spanish and Portuguese literature in the general library"

such rooms, and at all such times and hours, and under such restrictions as the Trus-tees or other lawfiil managers of the said library may deem . expedient or reasonable, each and all ofsaid books so bequeathed, or so purchased, shall be fireely ac

Full text of "Sanskrit Documents"

l the surviving co-wife be entitledto the inheritence being next in kin to her ?The decision of the law books. (on the question) is that as theentire property left by an issuelcss wife who had been married.according to the Brahma or any, other of the

Full text of "Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society"

original languages ; which they did by this ensuingiitional act ; and forthwith all or most of the law books were turned intoglish (according to the act a little before, for turning proceedings of law> English) and the rest written afterwards in the

Full text of "Commentaries on equity jurisprudence, as administered in England and America"

, ia our judgment, is tnperior to an j voA. now, m print." N. Y. Evening Pan.I " Among the American law wrilera, who are qnoted with approTal in the Eng-lish Coart«, probablv none rank higher than Mr. Greenleaf ; and this new loluma1111 doabiless be

Full text of "Librorum impressorum qui in Museo britannico adservantur catalogus ..."

tus Vini. 8« Giss. 1659.Eucrene Theosophica, das ist: Beschreibung des zwis-chen Grissheimb und Godelaw untanget enstanden Heyl-Bron*nens. & DarmsL 1672.Triplex Phasis Sophicus. 49 Franc. 1673.TACKIUS (joH. MART.) Disput. de Phthisi incipienle. 4® Gi

Full text of "Catalogue of scientific books in the Library"

amentis, morbisque nonnullis, quibus horumquidque maxime pateat. 8<*. Edinburgi, 1787.Ainslie, Whitelaw. Materia Medica of Hindoostan, and Artisan's andAgriculturist's Nomenclature ; being in the English, Tamool,Dukhanie, Hindoostanie, Telingoo, Arab

Full text of "Principles of the law of wills, with selected cases"

CTSheart DONATEHELPTERMSJOBSVOLUNTEERPEOPLEpersonSign InuploadsearchFull text of "Principles of the law of wills, with selected cases"See other formatsGoogleThis is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on Hbrary shelves before

Full text of "Researches concerning the laws, theology, learning, commerce, etc. of ancient and modern India"

oks above-mentioned. The Dherma-Shastra alone consists of above ten largevolumes, comprehending all law books ofauthority.-}-But it would be useless to recapitulate* An English translation of the Ramayuna has beenexecuted by Drs. Carey and Marshman,

The Works of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 1 (Principles of Morals and Legislation, Fragment on Government, Civil Code, Penal Law)- Online Library of Liberty

R BEING TRANSPLANTED.CHAPTER V.: INFLUENCE OF TIME.§ 1.: Retrospective View.Would the best possible laws, at the present period, have been the best possible laws in times past?§ 2.: Prospective View.Will the best possible laws, at the present period,
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