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Full text of "The Indian decisions (New series) : being a reprint of all the decisions of the Privy council on appeals from India and of the various high courts and other superior courts in India reported both in the official and non-official reports from

SERIES [Vol.1896 " In criminal revision case No. 568 of 1835 (1) it wag laid downSEP. 11. " that a lawful order for the removal of an obstruction from a public~~" " way can only be issued in the mode and by the officer named inAPPEL- "Chapter X of t

Full text of "A catalogue of the Tamil books in the library of the British Museum"

3. b. 19.'ABD al-EADIR ibn HADAB.^ra-Ji^I^Hlj ^j'^^il' [Futuhat al-salam. A compendiumof Muhammadan law, according to tbe Hanafland Shafi'i schools.] pp. viii. 604, 32. ^JuujJIir.v [Bombay, 1890.] 8°. 14173. c. 8.'ABD al-KADIR ibn MUHAMMAD MUHYI al-D

Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 10: The Dhammapada and Sutta Nipata: The Dhammapada: Introduction

ya[3], the collection of short suttas, consisting of--Khuddakapâtha, the small texts[4].Dhammapada, law verses (423)[5].Udâna, praise (82 suttas).Itivuttaka, stories referring to sayings of Buddha.Suttanipâta 70 suttas[6].Vimânavatthu, stories of Vim

Full text of "Catalogue of Bengali printed books in the library of the British Museum"

.W [Burdivaii,1881.] 8^GRIHAJAMATA. MJ -grWil ?p~yu I [Grihaja-miitii rahasya, or Choosing a son in law. A humorouspoem.] pp.16. [Calcutta, ISbd,?] 16'.GUNGA PERSAUD MOOKERJEE. See Gaxga-PRASADA MUKH01'.DHYAYA.GURUDASA HAJRA. See Lamb (C), the Essayi


DEM D E M DEM DEMA'IN, n. [Norm, demaimr. This migbt be froii) L. dominium, Fr. domaine. But in old law books it is written demesne, as if derived from meisan, maison, house. In Norman, it is written also demaygne, de- meigne, as well as demeine.] I.

Full text of "A History Of Sanskrit Literature Classical Period Vol I"

sing tendency of Indian culture ... xcContinuity of Indian culture ... ... tfciiiIdeal of dharma in law and politics ... ... xcviTypes of literature ... ... ... xcixPolitical conditions and the early poetry ... cCONTENTS iv(a)PAFELittle Greek influen

Full text of "Sakuntala, a Sanskrit drama, in seven acts; the Deva-Nagari recension of the text"

oon, was hei'e cured of the consumptionbrought upon him by the imprecation of Daksha, his father-in-law(Maha-bh., S'alya-p. 201 1; Vishnu-p. p. 561). A tirtJia is a place ofpilgrimage, generally on the bank of some sacred stream, or near someholy spr

Full text of "Leading events in Johnson County, Iowa, history"

. No natural gifts, it is well understood, will com-pensate for a lack of definite knowledge of the law books inthe practice of the legal profession, and yet, all things being-equal, it will be conceded that the born lawyer, like the bornpoet, has a

Full text of "A short history of Indian literature;"

ewTestament dispenses with the Jewish ritual,yet is part of the same Bible which containsthe Mosaic law books, even so are theUpanishads reckoned among the canonicalbooks of the Veda, although they reject theBrahminic rites as useless. Upanishad mean

Full text of "Old picture books; with other essays on bookish subjects"

it — the cuts in which are associated6 OLD PICTURE BOOKSwith the names of Wohlgemuth (the father-in-law ofDiirer) and Pleydenwurff, I do not know of any singleillustrated book of the fifteenth century the designs inwhich can be attributed to a known
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