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The Parliamentary Committee system of Papua New Guinea Parliament 1975-1997 | GrahamHassall -

of legislative processes is considered, after all, one of the essential foundations of the rule of law. Parliamentary committees strengthen the deliberative aspect of these legislative processes, and their performance and effectiveness is therefore

Accn No Title Author P. Year Publisher Place | Kiran Sangve -

31st January 1922-17 May Jail mein Jail mein mera jainabhayas Jail or bail: justice to undertrials, law and procedure of bail in India and U.K. Jail sudhar-kuch suchanayan Jain, Bauddha aur Gita ke achardarshanon ka tulanatmak adhyayan Jain, Bauddha

Full text of "Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society"

^e times, a form of government. An assembly of chiefa^and elders snperiutended the execution of the laws. (*) It is difficult to admit that, at that period, rmllivation of the soil waa no'(i> Notes (unpubli^ed) of M. MoNTAKo ; EouSSELET, for. tit. p.

Full text of "A Santali-English dictionary"

whenonly one person is in question. A man and his"wife use the dual to their respective fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, elder brothere-inlaw, andsisters-in-law, and vice versa, e.g. A man will sayto his father-in-law CalaEben, instead of CalaK-me. C

Full text of "Notes and queries"

eems to be that Csesar tells us that theGalli and the Belgse differed in language, insti-tutes, and laws. The same may be said of theIrish and the Welsh, and yet we do not doubtthat the Welsh as well as the Irish are Celts.I agree with Prof. RoDiston

Full text of "Report of the Commissioner of Education made to the Secretary of the Interior for the year ... with accompanying papers"

women to soientlfk) associations 92Outlook 93School hygiene 94Compulsory attendance and dilld-labor laws 95Public school fraternities 103Student advisers 103Pension funds for teachers 104Changes in school offldsJs 105Miscellaneous notes 100Chaptsk n.

Full text of "The life and times of Martin Van Buren: the correspondence of his friends, family and pupils;"

240 ; Hoyt and J. V. Buren's 255 ;Webb's ib. ; Lawrence's 262.Betts, Judge Sam. R. Could not find a lawto punish Hoyt. [He only stole 0220,000 !]141 ; laws scarce nowadays, ib. ; notice of 190.Biddle, Nicholas. Van Buren and Marcy'spetition to 79 ; w

Full text of "Commentaries on equity jurisprudence, as administered in England and America"

, ia our judgment, is tnperior to an j voA. now, m print." N. Y. Evening Pan.I " Among the American law wrilera, who are qnoted with approTal in the Eng-lish Coart«, probablv none rank higher than Mr. Greenleaf ; and this new loluma1111 doabiless be

Full text of "A glossary of judicial and revenue terms and of useful words occurring in official documents relating to the administration of the government of British India, from the Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, Uriya, Marathi, G

the value of the Sanskritand Arabic vocables which constitute the language of Hindu and Mohammadan law. Those languages willbut imperfectly prepare the Bengal civilian for Hindi, Bengali, and Panjabi : they will be of equally littleavail in the peni


anhk.; surkh-rQk. 2. clear from obligation^bank.; ban-ul-zimtnah k. [l^i; bariyat.Acquittal, n. {In law) chhntkailL ; rihal ; kha-Acquittanca, n. 1. ditoharge from a debt, be-kAqf. See Acquittal' 2. a receipt, rasid ; qabz-ul-vusul.deed of acqt^ance,
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