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f dollars to the smugglers who brought them here -- or Canada won't let them out of jail.Government lawyers argue that it's a way to ensure the migrants won't be influenced by smugglers when they're let go. But critics say the tactic funnels money to

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entioningthat which Dr. Kittrell, amongst other matters, so wisely dwelton, viz; the working of our law "To Regulate the Practice ofMedicine." It is with much satisfaction that I can bear testi-4142904 BIENNIAL REPORT OF PRESIDENT.mony to its increas

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severally agree topay such reasonable attorney's fees and costs ofcollection as may be permitted by law to be charged.[8]This note is given as evidence of a loan madeto the makers hereof by the Administrator of theResettlement Administration, which l

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ell'" (q 38:61; cf also q 7:38; 33:68).The number two also occurs in numerouslegal regulations (see law and theqUR'AN). A borrower deficient of mind orinfirm or unable to explain requires twomale witnesses to draw up a debt contract7PAIRS AND PAIRING

Over enthusiastic NCPA and police charge nun sheltering orphans and the destitute |

owthe Editor of Lakbimanews, Rajpal Abeynayake is under medical treatment following an assault by a lawyer who remains at large.The list is limitless. Yet, an over enthusiastic NCPA and police force think it fit to charge a nun who shelters orphans a

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choiceof one out of three, which were nominated by the bishops, 30. — ^XVIII.Lastiy, by Justinian's laws the elections were confined to the optifnates,and the inferior people wholly excluded, 31. — XIX. How and whenprinces and patrons came to have th

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f M«earfA, 14 the light of the world, the city on a Mil, 15the candle: 17 that he came tofniflt the law. 21What it is to kill, 27 to commU adultery, 83 toswear : 88 exhorteth to suffer torong, 44 to love evenour enemies, 48 and to labour q/ler per/ec

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d solely in and by Sri Lanka.The cornerstone of the ‘contemporary world order’ is not international law, it is the state. What is the organising unit and operational agency of international law and is it as material and ubiquitous as the state?What i

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n the matter of "scientific" terms, often coined with complete indifferenceScientific to linguistic laws and the real meanings of words, I have made it aterms j-yie to exclude everything which the "New English Dictionary"quotes only from technical tr

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ised,— a nature that perceives the intiinsicaliy right with un-erring certainty in spite of Church, law, and public opin-ion, yet is forgiving toward those who had brought uponher such agonies of spirit, and can even accept the dark'est crime of all
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