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Full text of "The English Catalogue of Books [annual]"

. netDoDOLia, Jan. 04Buriater, Law aa to SarvanU and Haatera, la.JuU/OtBarriitar* (9), Lata without lawyera, Ba. ...FtS. 04Barrow (Jn.) Oook'i Tojagea, 8a. Sd. Bep. 04Snttt (A.] — Chiiatian Sondaj, ita Hiitor]', itsSaoredneai, and its Blessing. Cr. S

Full text of "New English and Italian Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary"

to^ -a, adj. affixed, f&stoned. itaek upAffittQ&le, sm. a l^oant, renter, Iddger, firmerAfGtta&rio (law), ?. AffitUjadloAfBire, va. i. ah., t. Soffiive, cpiriroAfOito, 9m. poet, briath, inspiriiion, afSitoaAffligginto, adj. afflictiog, piiofal, sadAf

Full text of "The English Catalogue of Books [annual]"

ts, Mar. 06Arnold (M.) — Merope. To which is appendedthe Eleotra of Sophocles. Trans, by BobertWhitelaw, edit, by /. Churton Collins. Cr. 8vo.8s. 6d H. Fbowdb, Apr. 06Arnold (M.)— Poems. Edited by Laurie Magnus.12mo. pp. 820, Is. net ; Ithr. 2s. net

Full text of "[Publications]. Original series"

and his chamber into a study. Out of doors he became ahorseman and a runner; indoors, a musician, a lawyer, and, studying' his maisters dear,' himself a poet. His fancy is said to have beenfirst inspired by the sight of his future wife ' gathering fl

transCurrents: March 2009 Archives

Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development.My name is Harini Sivalingam, and I am a lawyer by profession and Policy Director with the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), a registered non-profit organization that has advocated for the inter

Full text of "The North American review"

and keep it alwayu in thoir miudatliiit wlmt govorQB n ooiintr; is not tho inlawho occupy prominent places, but the purtjr which Burrouudsand supports them ; tb« party, thu 8QUli[nt.-nt8 of which are reallythe guiding and coutr

Full text of "A dictionary of the Scottish language : in which the words are explained in their different senses, authorized by the names of the writers by whom they are used, or the titles of the works in which they occur, and derived from their original

ORD. Used impersonally ; as ac-cords, or as accords of laic, i. e. as isagreeable or conformable to law. It hasgreater latitude of signification than thephrase, as effeiris, which denotes anythingproportional, convenient, or becoming, aswell as confo

Full text of "US Government Manual 2005-2006 Edition"

deral regulations published in today'sFederal Register — ensures that our government remains one of laws, not of whims.Recognizing the urgent need to modernize the physical means of preserving thoserecords, Congress appropriated more than $95 million

Full text of "A catena of Buddhist scriptures from the Chinese"

ne^The conclusion of his mission — His death — His burial — Division ofrelics — The eternity of his law — His successors —The epitome ofBuddha's life .... 116-142PAET II.BUDDHISM AS A* EELIGION.The character of this development — Its probable origin

Plurabelle - Politics

tamp also to title page and to edges, donation bookplate (Hollond), a fresh and bright set without flaws or faults, later impression PKM 143500£42Pigou, A C :Employment and Equilibrium. A Theoretical Discussion. London: Macmillan 1941.xi 283p dark bl
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