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Full text of "A dictionary of the Scottish language : in which the words are explained in their different senses, authorized by the names of the writers by whom they are used, or the titles of the works in which they occur, and derived from their original

A species of mixedmetal, S. V. Alcomye.To ACCORD. Used impersonally ; as ac-cords, or as accords of law, i. e. as isagreeable or conformable to law. It hasgreater latitude of signification than thephrase, as effeiris, which denotes anythingproportion

Full text of "The Roman Missal"

e house of theGod of Jacob, and he will teach us his ways, and wevtill walk in hts iiadis ; for the law shall come forthfrom Sion, and the word of tho Lord from Jerusa-lem. And he sliall judge tlie Gentiles, and rebukemany people ; and they shall Uun

transCurrents: October 2010 Archives

lay, to health, clean water, sanitary conditions and adequate education. A landmine is a morally outlawed weapon and should never be usedagain. Security forces know best how horrible the effects are as far too often they got injured and killed from t

Full text of "The English catalogue of books [annual] .."

^MarcolphuE,roy.So,I0s6dnetLAWSEi(cii&B.Jii»eDiamund Mineji. South Africa. BeKnerl, 2s Sep.Diana Trelawny, Of^iAmil (Mra.) 2 vols. 17a ...JwlgDiaries of Sir Daniel Gooch, introd. bvSirThoo-doro Martin, post Svo. 6s Ke6>i'Pavi., Apr.Diarv, Larger; for

The Parliamentary Committee system of Papua New Guinea Parliament 1975-1997 | GrahamHassall -

of legislative processes is considered, after all, one of the essential foundations of the rule of law. Parliamentary committees strengthen the deliberative aspect of these legislative processes, and their performance and effectiveness is therefore

Full text of "A catalogue of the plants growing in Bombay and its vicinty; spontaneous, cultivated or introduced, as far as they have been ascertained."

lt. in Linn. Trans. 14. p. 263. S.manimosuni. Lour. Cochin China. 1. p. 131.— Annual, or biennial; flawer*white; fruit very hairy. S. Coiican. N.498. LYCOPERSICUM. Don. Pentandria Monody nia.From ft/kos — a wolf, and persicon—dk peach; — the wolf pea

Full text of "Journal of the American Oriental Society"

i d-.. 'I'll.- |o\ ii- ,.| \ i pi.. 'I '!M- KIN .in. in. -I iiilaw i D l". MM. I .1 little \.--i' I ' .( II vv .ill/ li;ii .Inf * III lluniiu MII .|.i. ..n n l:uwft Tlu- S.-i .ing.8 W. uAt the same time tin- expe

Accn No Title Author P. Year Publisher Place | Kiran Sangve -

31st January 1922-17 May Jail mein Jail mein mera jainabhayas Jail or bail: justice to undertrials, law and procedure of bail in India and U.K. Jail sudhar-kuch suchanayan Jain, Bauddha aur Gita ke achardarshanon ka tulanatmak adhyayan Jain, Bauddha

Full text of "The Indian literary year-book and author's who is who"

uld be of use to all who have to do with presses; ad publication in any way. By including in it the laws relatingto printing, presses, newspapers and copyright, the publishers, have placed within the easy reach of all concerned, such know.jU^dge as w

Legal Writing Prof Blog

New York City.Please send nominations to Lou Sirico, Chair of the Nominations Committee, at, by November 9, 2015.The nomination should provide the nominee’s name, contact information, a brief statement about why the nominee
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