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Full text of "A collection of tracts and treatises illustrative of the natural history, antiquities, and the political and social state of Ireland, at various periods prior to the present century .."

tthe English having once gotten the command of the wholeCountrie into their hands, made very severe laws against thetaking of Salmons in that unwholesome season, and saw themcarefnlly observed; whereby hindering those barbariansagainsttheir will to f

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ey are aware of Tamil people’s inability to express their suffering, grief, fears, mercy, denial of law and order, fear of getting killed for someone else's misconduct and being a subject of collective punishment in an environment seeing the ‘absence

Full text of "Geiriadur Ysgrythyrol:"

mewn dim ; am hyny, y mae y wybodaeth a roddiri ni yn yç Ysgrythyran, yn oruchel, yn sicr, ac yn gyflawn. Nid o» dim perthynol i'n cyflyranä D dedwydd web. mewn byd arall, na dim sydd yn perthyn rnhamgvlehiadan a'n dyledawyddaujma yn y byd bwn, nad y

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ng we expected. Many probably don’t know that the case was heard and closed without even having our lawyers present – we did not even have a chance to bring forth our evidence.I heard the Defence Secretary has started to ‘clean up’ the army.This is t

Full text of "Geneva Bible - Genewa Biblii - Genf Bibel - Ginebra Biblia"

de-* ^ ceiue therebythe raiher.and cloke his craftie purpofe. *Df«t.^,i(f. g Wc muft not ieauefu.'' lawful meaoes a% God bathe a.ppointcd,to fckc others after our owncfaj^-iljcAA.iii,Chrlfts preaching. S.Matthewe. ThebleflTed.8 Againcthedeufltokeliim

Full text of "The Sacred Books Of The East, Vol-Xlv"

thussjtelled in the A,r6ka inscription, In Pali, and occasionally by the Cainas,though the phonetic laws of all three idioms would have given preference tothe form niggantha, the more frequent spelling in Gkina works.INTRODUCTION. XV(Nirgranthas), no

Full text of "An English-Japanese dictionary of the spoken language"

annen (Siflft) s ; a wife, sai wo saru ; tsu-ma wo iki (xg^) s [Cr. Co.].Abandoned, a. (lawless) muho(tej^) na ; (profligate) doraku (ill^)na ; hotb (j^JC^) na ; horatsu (jfttg:)na ; hbto-hurai {jfy.^^Wi) fellow, dorakumono; bu-raik

Full text of "History of Decatur County, Indiana: its people, industries and institutions, with biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families"

ssociation; author, "The PreliminaryDiplomacy of the Spanish-American War," a study in internationallaw, "The Call of the Hour," "A Few Spoken Words," etc.With Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens andGenealogical Records of Many of the Ol

Full text of "Classified guide to technical and commercial books. A subject-list of the principal British and American works in print"

aluation Tables - - 133SionoH 37.Stotioh 38.LAND, PROPERTY.lilstates. Land ....landlord and Tenant -law of Fiitnrea - - - -l^perty - - - -PropertyValuationSection 39.LEATHER.Boot and Shoe-malting-CONTENTSG«DeT&1ArbitrationBankraptcy LawCommercid LawC

Full text of "Library of Congress catalog: Motion pictures and filmstrips; a cumulative list of works represented by Library of Congress printed cards"

sts and forestryABORIGINES see EthnologyABORTIONsee also Medical jurisprudence—U.S.Abortion and the law {Motion picture) CBS News. He-leased by Carousel Films, 1965.ABORTION IN ANIMALSsee also Brucellosis in cattleABOTHPages from the Talmud {Motion p
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