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transCurrents: April 2010 Archives

bounds. But there of course is Mervyn Silva, epitomizing impunity, frequently reported to take the law into his own hands – most recently the excise laws - and now ensconced as the Deputy Minister for Media.What does his appointment tell us about th

Full text of "The Buddha and his religion"

atthen is eternal salvation, according to the Buddhist faith ?and how can man be delivered from the law of trans-migration ? Only in one way — by attaining Nirvana, that isannihilation.When man, thanks to the practice of the austerities andvirtues th

Full text of "Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions"

ers them to beeither ksatriyas or vaisyas who adopted the gotra of theirgurus, as sanctioned by the laws of the Smrtis and theDharmasutras. 31But Goyal 32 considers the Guptas to be brahmanas. Herelies on the evidence of their matrimonial alliances :

Full text of "The history of the worthies of England. Volume 1"

ean exclusive power of barring communicants from the sacra-ment; whether any person un ordained may lawfully preach;and whether the Lord's Prayer ought not to be used by allChristians, 16'>4," 8vo. 6. "The Speech of Birds; also ofFlowers; partly mora

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United States;Creasy's English Constitution;Sharswood's Legal Ethics.Each applicant must have read law twoyears at least, and shall file with the Clerka certificate of good moral character, sign-ed by two members of the bar, who arepracticing attorn

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rk and Erie Railroad Company as civil engineer, and de-voted three years to engineering along the Delaware and Sus-quehanna rivers in Orange county, New York, and in Pike andSusquehanna counties, Pennsylvania. In 1849 he went intothe employ of the st

Full text of "Essays received in response to an appeal by the Canadian Institute on the rectification of Parliament, together with the conditions on which the council of the institute offers to award one thousand dollars for prize essays"

ps to obtain essays or treatises, and awardthe premium to the best workable measure, which, if made law, would give thewhole Canadian people equal representation in Parliament, and each elector dueweight in the government through Parliament."The Coun

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ment of impunity and a band of Tiger brigands rage forthviolating the rules of war, and the rule of law. There will be increased activity by both RAW and ISI as Sri Lanka inevitably becomesenveloped byboth Pakistan and India in their own war, analyst

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erns about the nature of the screening process."Transparency issuesUnder international humanitarian law, legitimate security concerns may justify the internment of civilians at the height of a conflict, but not longer than is absolutely necessary. In

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onstant conformitywith the ritnai. The organizations of labor were socioBcly watched by the jealous law that they wereobliged to assume a religious attitnde they did not feelin order to escape being suppressed. A long list ofwhat we in our time consi
Results for "law" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 51 of 100