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Full text of "Lectures on the science of language, delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in ... 1861 [and 1863]"

an classify them, we can reduce them to theirconstituent elements, and deduce firom them someof the laws that determine their origin, govern theirgrowth, necessitate their decay ; we can treat them,in fact, in exactly the same spirit in which the geo


bts are being expressedabout abiding by the provisions of the 13th Amendment on crucial issues like lawand order and land. After having won a landslide electoral triumph for endingthe ethnic conflict, Mr Rajapaksa may end up losing the prospect of la

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", Albany, Sep. 25, 1822, concerning various judgments and the prospect of a new Circuit Court in Delaware. In part: "Mr. Williams came to Albany, not on the first week of the Chancery Court as he has proposed, but on the Second - I spoke to him of t

Full text of "Ascension"

cellular structure is fixed, nochange ever taking place.In this respect, they violate the material law of ionization.Upon them are engraved characters in the ancient Atlantean language: characters which respond to attuned thoughtwaves, releasing the

Full text of "A collection of treaties, engagements and sanads relating to India and neighbouring countries"

trocious cruelties and aggressions on theterritories of his neighbours. No restraint was put on the lawless inhabitantsof Wagar, who made constant inroads into Gujarat and Kathiawar, and afterrepeated remonstrances on the part of the British Governme

Full text of "The Veddas"

literature will be found in abibliography given by the Sarasins on p. 594 of their work."* Die Nilgalaweddas in Ceylon. Globus 1903.l6 THE VEDDASof the purer Veddas in order that the reader may appreciate thebearing of what will be said in other part

Full text of "A Sinhalese-English dictionary"

traint of anger, one of the ten^ duties of an ascetic.fp-'SS. Aksha, s. a die for gambling; contest,lawsuit, legal proceedings; an organ of sense,the eye ; wheel of a carriage ; a tree bearing amedicinal fruit, terminalia belerica; a kind ofi seed or

Full text of "Introduction to sociology"

CHAPTER XVII. GROUP CONTROL 3291. The nature of group control.2. Control through public opinion and law.3. Control through art.CONTENTS 9CHAPTER XVIII. GROUP CONTROL THROUGH PERSONAL BEHAVIOR 3481. Personal control.2. Problems in personal control.3.

Full text of "Indian antiquary"

the ritual ;the theory of knowledge and dialectic, questions of authority, and customary and social law,the reward of actions and the end of man, up to questions of pure metaphysics which thegeneral tendency of the system is rather to exclude. The is

Full text of "An English and Welsh pronouncing dictionary, in which the pronunciation is given in Welsh letters"

ddysguyr iaitb Saesneg, heb un cyfarwyddyd arall ; ac un cymhwys,hefyd, o ran maint, a phris, a chyflawnder, i fod yn Llyfb YsGOii."Y mae 'n gwbl ddiangenrhaid dyweyd dim am deilyngdod ycyfryw amcan, pan y mae pawb, gwladgar ac anwladgar, yncydnabod,
Results for "law" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 57 of 100