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Full text of "Notes on English etymology; chiefly reprinted from the Transactions of the Philological society"

e eccentricities were formerly regarded as niere corrup-tions, but they really follow very definite laws, and exhibita minute analysis of sounds. Owing to the importance ofDigitized by VjOOQ ICxvi NOTES ON ENGLISH ETYMOLOGYthis discovery, the chief r

Full text of "The Garuda Puranam"

attributes of supreme divinity or Brahma, and to equip ilsmembers with a complete code of rituals, law and other neces-sary informations regarding the incidents of every day life,subservient to, and in conformity with, the Vedas and theVedic literat

Full text of "Grammar and Vocabulary of Waziri Pashto"

r.mor,mor,mandy^,mandy^.grand'nio,nio,niogone,niogone.mother.daughter'n^hor,n^or^ngh&udye,n^&ndy^in-law,anut,tror,tror,trandye,trandye.8 WAZIUI GRAMMAR*Vocative Case.Most nouns have a vocative case, which in the singular of masculinenouns is usually

Full text of "The Melanesian languages"

filole "... 493VII. Solomon Islands26. San Cristoval, Fagani 49927. Wawo 50528. Contraries Island, Ulawa 5^29. Malanta, Saa 5*630. Florida, ffela 52231. Guadalcanar, Vaturawa 53932. Ysabel Island, Bugotu 54"33. #ao 55534. Savo 55935. Duke of York Isl

Full text of "An English-Hawaiian dictionary; with various useful tables: prepared for the use of Hawaiian-English schools"

e', n. Wahi noho paa. Syn. abid-ing place.A-bdl'ish, V. Ehoopau; ehoonoa. Syn.abrogate.^Abolish the law, e hoonoa i ke kanawai.Ab'o-li'tion, n. Ka hoopau ana; kahoonoa ana. Syn. Abrogation.A-bdm'i-na-ble, adj. Inoloa; pelapelaloa.A-bom'i-nate, v, E h

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Notes On Usool Al Fiqh

asir Birjas Notes compiled by Qabeelat Hayl2.o What is halal and haram? o Philosophy of the Islamic law o Usool Al-Fiqh is a science that has an exact methodology for deriving and dictating Islamic Law. o Anyone deprived from the principles of law ar

Full text of "History and chronology of the myth-making age"

cles re-cording the events of the reigns of kings and the deedsof individual heroes, statesmen, and law-givers. Theselatter histories were, when formed into national historicalrecords, always prefaced by a summary of the previousmythic narratives whi

Full text of "A pocket dictionary of the Spanish and English languages"

advocateAbcgido» «m. an advoca!»Abflgáde, 9. a mediatorAbogtfr, vn. to follow the pro-ftssioa of a lawjcr, plead.Abohetádo» dm. a. swollenAbtffr, «a. to abolishAbolladura,

Bill of Rights U.S. & Texas Constitutions

ENDMENTS RATIFIED AS A SINGLE UNIT EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 15, 1791First AmendmentCongress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (1), or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; of abridging the freedom of speech (1), or of the press (1)
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ලෝකේ කොහේ හිටියත්
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ඔබ සොයන්නේ රැකියාවක් නම්,
අපේ වෙබ් අඩවිය තුල ලියාපදිංචි වන්න
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ඔබේ වෙබ් අඩවියත් ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ
එකම සිංහල සස්රුත සෙවුම් ප්‍රතිඵලට
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