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transCurrents: March 2009 Archives

do in the TID.Dr. Vickramabahu Karunarathne, General Secretary of NSSP has called for the immediate release of Santha Fernando, Executive Secretary Commission for Justice and Peace –National Christian Conference:Release Christian Council Secretary Sh

transCurrents: August 2009 Archives

overnment-run welfare centres in the north.The government has interpreted international pressure to release these displaced persons, or at least to permit them the freedom of movement, as being motivated by a desire to give the LTTE and its supporter

Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS, FOSS, or FLOSS)?Look at the Numbers!

’t use the terms “public domain” or “non-commercial” as synonyms for FLOSS.An FLOSS program must be released under some license giving its users a certain set of rights;the most popular FLOSS license is the GNU General Public License (GPL). All softw


operation extended during D30607-OB site visit. Triprept re inop t. discussions held and. Action re release offacility for unrestricted USE cannot ba taken until surveyresults submitted.COOL.D.A. Uranium Fuel Licensing Branch. B3/O6/B3. COYCLE.F.T.KB

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reorganizing some of the documents related to core hacking. This update will be in 5.14, due to be released in April. I'm also working on replacing the existing OO tutorials and updating the OO reference docs, though this won't make it into the 5.14

F a c i l e L o g i n

ers. It was 1st of November 2007 - the entire Identity Solution team was busy working for its 1.0.0 release. Oh - yes.. I've been there since 1.0.0 release! and I am the only one yet remains in the team till its 5.0.0 release, which was in June 2014.

Full text of "Commentaries on equity jurisprudence, as administered in England and America"

st common cases, put to illus-trate the doctrine, is, where two are bound by a bond,and the obligee releases one, supposing, by a mistakeof law, that the other will remain bound. In Buch acase the obligee will not be relieved in Equity uponthe mere g

transCurrents: December 2009 Archives

branch of the Berlin based anti-corruption watchdog"Transparency International" in a 10 page report released on Thursday Dec 31st has accused Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapakse of utilising state property and public funds to illegally finance his

transCurrents: February 2010 Archives

e were killed here and 15 wounded. But according to the Sri Lankan Defence Force, this edited video released a few days later shows the hospital was untouched.REPORTER:Hospitals. Were they targeted?PALITHA KOHONA: There was only one hospital that any - Freelance Job Feeds Listings

internet communication and have Skype account. Knows Yahoo/MSN/Facebook/Twitter chat.(more...)press release specialist, marketing consultantpress release for pre development marketing and product market introduction in mass exposure with the least co
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