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yan Sadharuwan (no.08) have been distributed by his supporters in a cab (WPPP 4313).A three-wheeler pasted with stickers of UPFA candidate Wijenayaka (NO.04) has been transporting voters into the polling centre.~ Earlier Reports - (2) & (1) ~Local Au

Full text of "The satires of Juvenal and Persius, from the texts of Ruperti and Orellius: with English notes, partly comp., and partly original"

time. 463. ' The husband's lips are gluedvidto unhnes non singulos singulis auri» with this viscous paste, if he attempts tobus eomparatos ; (Jam enim exercitatot kiss her.' FA.aurei omen firendo sunt ;)junguntur inter 464. ' She will not go to see h

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rd, an abnolHttt futlny of fvar caniv nva-r biiii.ApMit (ran any definite cawte of dn-ad vrbtrh bif pastexperiwicie niitrbt havr- pivrn bitn, bi- frit that iiiitivn■od tiripnal tiiirmr of tlte exn-tlctit .Iml^ which i^[■mjHir to a wndi. dvlicatc, and

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he rock with the forefinger of the right hand,the spots of the leopard being put in with a charcoal pasteprepared in the same manner.Plate LVI, fig. I shows on the right a vialudeina, a vesselmade of deer's hide in which rock-honey is collected. Ther

Full text of "Catalogue of prints and drawings in the British Museum: Division I. Political and personal satires"

of Hogarth's prints suspended from the ceiling, and manyof the like which, as described above, are pasted on the wall.Beneath is engraved a zany, holding a moon, and with his bauble belabouringHogarth, who, prostrate at his feet, is lying on a scrol

Full text of "The national almanac and annual record, for the year .."

hes or lozenges, syrups, cordials,bitters, anodynes, tonics, plasters, liniments,salves, ointments, pastes, drops, waters,essences, spirits, oils, or other preparationsor compositions whatsoever, made and sold,or removed for consumption and sale, bya

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nd him apprenticeto Messrs. Murdstone and Grrinby, by"whom he was put into the warehouse, andset to paste labels upon wine and spiritbottles. David soon became tired of thisdreary work, and ran away to Dover,where he was kindly received by his[great]

Full text of "Explorations of the highlands of the Brazil; with a full account of the gold and diamond mines. Also, canoeing down 1500 miles of the great river São Francisco, from Sabará to the sea"

bly auriferous,and possibly diamantine. The almonds were dark, rusty quartz,in the usual ii'on clay paste, and from this pomt downwards weshall see large deposits of it. Further on, sandstone layfacing the south-east in nearly horizontal com^ses, rea


s speech. Hari is polity,she is prudence.I invoke Sri, to realise whom fragrant things (like sandal-pasteflowers, etc.,) are the means, who is unassailable by the inauspi-cious, who is ever-joyful and the possessor of wealth, (in the formof manure be
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