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Full text of "Complete Works Of The Swami Vivekananda Part V"

There is an almost perpendicular tramwaygoing to the top of the hill, dragged by wire-rope andsteam-power.We remained three days at Honkong and went to seeCanton, which is eighty miles up a river. What a scene ofbustle and life ! What an immefise num

Full text of "US Government Manual 2005-2006 Edition"

ur democratic system of government. Those recordsand documents form the tangible thread linking the power exercised by Federalagencies to its source in "We the People." Providing access to these records anddocuments — be they the oldest Charters of F

Full text of "First Space Congress Proceedings"

govern system characteristics and to choose a transmittingbeamwidth on the basis of available laser power, dfetector sensitivity, area of re-ceiving apei*ture, and atmospheric perturbations (if transmission thi*0Ugh the earth* satmosphere is to be co

transCurrents: August 2009 Archives

e soldiers, should not be surrendered through the stroke of a pen by granting greater devolution of power to the Tamil majority areas.There are however two mitigating factors to this rather bleak assessment regarding the government’s preparedness to

Full text of "A catena of Buddhist scriptures from the Chinese"

As a fire— As a deluge — As a tempest of wind —As a Garuda— As the trees On the river's bank — The power of Nara-yana— As the hypocrite— As the rain-fall— As Mara— As the flat-tering minister .... 142- 172NIRVANA.The character of Nirvana — Chinese d

Full text of "Sir John Login and Duleep Singh"

Ponchayets — l^eJnmmoo Brothers— First Sikh war— Treaty of Bhyrowal — Residentinvested with supreme powers — Henry Lawrence — Revolt of Moolraj —Sir F. Currie — Second Sikh war — Annexation— Terms granted — Mr,Elliot's report — ^Login's remarks.Chapt

Plurabelle - Politics

Board 1978-1981.Blue folder with 3 A4 pamphlets (titles) and 12 different flyers promoting nuclear power and its safety in Britain, multiple copies of flyers, very informative set all in very good condition (folder sl rampaged) PKM 140219£25Meyer, A

VedaRahasya - Rig veda book one translation by Ralph T.H. Griffith

complete.8 Mitra and Varuna, through Law, lovers and cherishers of Law,Have ye obtained your might power9 Our Sages, Mitra-Varuna, wide dominion, strong by birth,Vouchsafe us strength that worketh well.HYMN III. Asvins1 YE Asvins, rich in treasure,

Full text of "The Roman Missal"

rnalGod. • Thro' Christ oioLord : by wliora the an-Sih prajse thy nu^jestpe dominations adore i^the powers tremUe ba-fore It, the heavens, tb

Full text of "Sacred books of the Buddhists"

l-born,a joy to the realm.GTHE MAHAVASTU" A son would be horn^ to you who would he strong asa lion, powerful, radiant with beauty, (7) a well-born son,a joy to the realm." But as it is,^ he will he ugly, though worthy to sit onthe throne.^ He will be
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