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iter) is like one's office. One executes one's formal job and performs one's duty at office. One is powerful and duty-minded at office. Exaltation sign of a planet (e.g. Cancer of Jupiter) is like a favorite party/picnic. One is excited to be at one'

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ounted SpecimensHandles a wide range of regularmaterial with ample reserve res-olution and covering power forhigher and lower magnifications.With divisible objective, range ofmagnification is from 30Xto230X,at screen distances 4 to 1 5 feet.For Drawi

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the landof the Five Rivers were possessors of a large number of hymnsaddressed to the elements and powers of nature. Some of thesehymns they no doubt brought from their earlier homes to theWest, but others were composed after they had reached thelan

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h a tongue ; and moreover, thatthe mere view of strange characters can neither convey their various powers to the reader''s mind,nor confer the faculty of just pronunciation on the organs of speech. If the ingenuity of man hadhitherto produced litera

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nd decisive, and we will spare ourselves iheusflesa trouble of replying to arguments so profound andpowerful. We wiU, however, submit a few serious reflec-tions to minds of a less elevated order, were it only toprove that we can talk reoaonabiy, even


hddai, whose rampartswere the high mountain ranges and whose moat was the deep sea, there reigned a powerfulking namod St'i'iftOiipoiaiyan, tho overlord of Malai-n&gu. In this illustrious family was bomprince Porumfilik&daiyfijr, also called by tho B

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e or blame.Besides his ka-Id, every man has another principle or spirit attendanton him called tso (power or influence), which may be defined asreason.The Karen tradition respecting their lost books is that formerly Godgave them books written with on

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ner of electionsqf the clergy,Sbct. I. The different opinions of learned men concerning the people'spower anciently in elections, 10. — II. The power of the people equal tothat of the inferior clergy in the election of a bishop, 15. — III. Thispower

India’s Army | Independent Indian: Work & Life of Dr Subroto Roy

ts should be the prima facie decision-maker whose directions need to be followed even by (more high-powered) reinforcements because of the Hayekian reason that person may be presumed to have the best/deepest/longest knowledge of the particular circum

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btors.18 And lead us not into temptation, butdeliver us from evil: For thine is thekingdom, and the power, and the glory,for ever. Amen.14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses,your heavenly Father will also forgiveyou:16 But if ye for^ve not men th
Results for "power" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 64 of 100