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Full text of "The Mythology of all races .."

oned night, or the superb Surinam legend of Maconauraand Anuanaitu, will compare, both for dramatic power andsubtle suggestion, with the best that the world can show.There is, of course, the constant difficulty of deciding wheremyth clearly emerges f

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trae Molloscs.The Nudibranchiatu exhibit a high state of organization. They are allprovided with a powerful mnscnhir buccal apparatus, which has, in someinstances, appended to it a gizzard. The oral aperture is guarded byfleshy lipe, and the mouth i

Sri Lankan Civil War

e end of the Cold War, before a significant decrease as conflicts strongly associated with the superpower rivalry came to an end. Since 1945, civil wars have resulted in the deaths of over 25 million people, as well as the forced displacement of mill

Full text of "An etymological dictionary of modern English"

the land-crabs will have him; hisanchor's apeak {Roderick Random).apepsy [med.]. Lack of digestive power.From G. d-, neg., and -pepsy (see dyspepsy).apergu. F., p.p. of apercevoir,, to perceive(q.v.).aperient. From pres. part, of L. aperire, toopen.

Constitution for the United States - We the People

as appeared to us the most advisable.The friends of our country have long seen and desired that the power of making war, peace, and treaties, that of levying money, and regulating commerce, and the correspondent executive and judicial authorities, sh

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, and there suspend a flax cape acrosssaid trail, and having endowed that garment with certain magicpowers, he returned to his village, doubtless chuckling to himself athaving so easily discomfited the enemy. For know one and all that,should the adva

Full text of "History of ancient Sanskrit literature, so far as it illustrates the primitive religion of the Brahmans"

been killed by the remorseless Rama in warfareon my account."C18 THE INDIAN MIND.tries to crush the power of the other, while all arepreparing the common ruin of the country. Butwhat characters are here presented to our analysis,what statesmanship, w

Full text of "A dictionary of the Scottish language : in which the words are explained in their different senses, authorized by the names of the writers by whom they are used, or the titles of the works in which they occur, and derived from their original

ach other.This mode of illustration, which, at that time, I suspect, was by no means com-mon, had a powerful influence in attracting my attention to the classical books,and even to the formation of language in general, and to it I most probably mayas

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umption of the company's domain by the British Crown in 1859. Calcutta remained the seat of British power in the subcontinent and the center of British control over the Indian Empire until 1931 when the capital was moved to the new city of New Delhi,

Full text of "The religious system of the Amazulu : with a translation into English, and notes"

rit or soul of man.Neither do they use itongo, idhlozi, isituta (ghost), or isitunzi (shade),of any power animating the body, but only of something, — a new ordistinct existence, — which comes out of the body when dead.2^ Many misunderstandings of na
Results for "power" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 65 of 100