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Full text of "The provinces of the Roman Empire, from Caesar to Diocletian"

f time,and this piovalence of peace by laud and sea, to facilitateits progress. Old age has not the power to develop newthoughts and display creative activity, nor has the govem-ineat of the Boman empire doae so ; but in its sphere,which those who be

Full text of "The hymns of the Atharvaveda"

m distress.Sarasvatt, auspicious Gkxldess, guard us well: pre-serve us Agui and his kind protecting powers.S Pkreserve us both the Afvins, Gods and Lords ofUffht, and let the* Dawns and Night bring us. denveranoe. 'The Waters* Child protect our house

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ATIONThe Constitutional Monarchy System of Thai Democratic Form of Administration divides sovereign power into 3 branches: Judicial Branch - Headed by the President of the Supreme Court The Courts of First Instance The Courts of Appeal The Supreme Co

Full text of "The Central valley project"

s block roads and railroad tracks.Trestles are undermined, trains have to be rerouted. Telephoneand power lines are down. Hundreds of families return to theirhomes to dig out muck and silt and repair damage.The danger is past, but more than fifteen m

Full text of "A glossary of judicial and revenue terms and of useful words occurring in official documents relating to the administration of the government of British India, from the Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, Uriya, Marathi, G

more consistently and correctly written " Jagatai Chingis khan," i. e. ch andk each having but one power.III. Simple letters should, as far as possible, be used for simple letters.On this ground, objections may be taken to the use of ch ; but althou

Full text of "History of Worcester, Massachusetts, from its earliest settlement to September, 1836; with various notices relating to the history of Worcester County"

year, Capt. Daniel Gookin,Capt. Edward Johnson, Mr. Samuel Andrew, and Andrew Belcharsenior, were empowered, as a Committee, 6 ' to take an exact view,as soon as conveniently they can, to make true report whether theplace be capable to make a village

Full text of "Studies in the linguistic sciences"

s provocative and socially revolu-tionary initiative was an effort to develop an alphabet for the empowerment of hisKorean subjects. The goal was to provide the Koreans a distinct linguistic tool forarticulating their liberation and preserving their

Full text of "Quaker women, 1650-1690"

arriage," "A Defence of the Female Sex," and "ASerious Proposal to the Ladies" — are in themselves apowerful plea for the equality of the sexes. While theauthoress is mainly concerned with the disabilities ofwomen, she devotes many pages to practical

Sinhala Commission

tha Wickramasooriya - SecretaryCONTENTSPreamblel. Whether the Present Parliament has the legislativepower to pass such a Constitution into Law1.1 The Commission's view1.2 PA's Manifesto1.3 Constituent Assembly1.4 Constitution:l947/19481.5 Amending pr

Full text of "The_History_Of_Witchcraft_And_Demonology"

rtheless he refuses to admit even the possibilitythat persons who at any rate affected supernatural powersheld clandestine meetings after nightfall in obscure and lonelyplaces for purposes and plots of their own* If human testi-mony is worth anything
Results for "power" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 71 of 100