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Full text of "A Tagalog English and English Tagalog dictionary"

ire fly.Alitiit-M-Sqneak;' creak.Alittuui-n-Echo.AHw-tt-Delight; pastime; comfort; sat-isfaction.AliwalafKl-Open; clear; plain.Aliwan-/?-Sporting place; sport; diver-sion; pastime.Aliwin-r-To console; comfort; cheer;amuse; entertain; solace,AlkagfH-t

Full text of "Natural History"

65. The Hittites: And Their Contemporariesin Asia Minor. By J. G. Macqueen. $ 18.00/$11.00658. Stonewall In the Valley: T. J. ^Stonewall'Jackson's Shenandoah Valley Campaign,Spring %62.By Robert G. Tanner. $10.00/$7.95599. The Making of Hitler: The B

Full text of "Dakota wowapi wakan kin. The New Testament, in the Dakota language:"

pi he, qa luka liu kin etan-han fluke n waskuyeca icupi he,17 He iyecen ran waiite owaiiinwaskuyeca walitc iealtya ccc ;taka can Mcti cin waskuyfcuiica Hicaita ece,IB Can wtiiie kin he waskuye-ca iiiuu JRu^yi! ktu ohihi M ; qitnakun can Aice cin he w

Full text of "A comparative dictionary of the languages of India and high Asia: with a ..."

ed semi-Aryan Hindus, from the low-caste which eatsoffal, to the husbandman who in meats and drinks walks after the pattern of thestraitest Pundit. Brahmans formed the residue, and illustrated the various grada-tions in even the purely Aryan element.

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Full text of "Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington"

parasitoids, havebeen conducted on several occasions (Sil-vestri 1914, Bianchi and Krauss 1937, vanZwaluwenburg 1937, Clausen et al. 1965,Steck et al. 1986). Nevertheless, recentrearings of wild fruits in Kenya, as well asthe examination of incomplet

Budaya Jawa: KamusJawa dan Sansekerta

ari estu (tkr)sungguh, jadi esuk (ta, tkr)pagi éthok-éthok (tk)pura-pura éwa (ts)kecewa éwadéné(tpy)walaupun demikian éwah (tk)ubah; berubah éwuh (tk)rikuh; serba salah éyang (ta)terlindung dari sinar matahari atau hujan éyup (ts)terlindung dari sina

Kan Harka Lafa Jalaan Hojjetamaa Ture Ifatti Himamuun Ajaa’iba Miti || Oromo | Oromia |

e Tribune || Comments (8)“Murni Jijjiirama ofiin jedhu “sagantaa fi kaayyoo bilisummaa fi walabummaa Oromiyaa haqe” jechuun labsa yommuu baafatu ABOn haala deemaa jiru laalchisee ejjennaa isaa irra deebi’ee ibsuun barbaachise. … Sabboontotn

Full text of "The book of Scottish song : a comprehensive collection of the most approved songs of Scotland : with historical and critical notices regarding them and their authors and an essay on the song-writers of Scotland"

or Beuval, whichBeda preserves as the Pictish name of a certain placeat the east end of Antoninus's wall. Sir Waller Scott,in his inimitable n:)vel of *' The Antiquary," althoughhimself deeply embued with an nrchaolojiical spirit,had too keen a sense
Results for "wal" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 81 of 100