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African Women and Icts

speak between the lines. Women may measure themselves against the stereotype they hold of ‘the good woman’ and sometimes they do that in conjunction with sharing where ‘they themselves are really at’. They may speak in ‘stereo’ at times, voicing the

Rwbaa, Igoo, M. Post, Ilww Rwbaa, M. Xodu, K. Bagra, B. Rwbaa, T. Rwbaa, N. Aado and D. Keenaa (2009). Galo-English Dictionary, with English-Galo Index [International Edition]. Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, Galo Welfare Society. | Ili Riba, Mark W. Post, a

! Only forty or fifty years ago, one could travel to a Galo village and find that every single man, woman and child in the village spoke fluent Galo, and learned and used other languages (such as Assamese, English and Hindi) as second languages for e

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a)MshybziaAbkhaz (Georgia)MshybziakuaAbkhaz (Georgia) [to a man]Bziara ubaantAbkhaz (Georgia) [to a woman]Bziara bbantAbenaki (Maine USA, Montreal Canada)KwaiAbenaki (Maine USA, Montreal Canada)Kwai kwaiAbron (Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire)AkwaabaAcateco (San


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Full text of "A Santali-English dictionary"

t warning.Acraeli bodga. A spirit supposed topreside over the interests of theparents of a maLrried woman. If she surrep-titiously carries away any thing from thehouse of her parents to her own home theAcraeli boiga accompanies the goods, what-ever t

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ry piece of ingenuity, which, whenaccomplished, could be of no sort of use or orna-ment to any man, woman, or child ! It remindsone of dearly beloved Monsieur Jourdain's takinginfinite pains to learn exactly how he put histongue, teeth, and lips when

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said to her," Return this man iramedialely what he brought, I willhave nothing to do with it." The woman had neverbefore been required to execute a umilar order, but she didnoi hesitate to olwy ; she took the fowU and gave them toRenzo with a compas

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he empeire ofwhom er was a kny$t J?at hadde weddid a yong dameseH to wifAnd mt/onne fewe yerys J)is woman lovid by wey of synne an o]>erkny^t, vndir hire husbond?, and J?at so mocfi, fat she ordeyned forhire husbonde to be ded. Happyng 1 fat fis kny^

Full text of "The Melanesians : studies in their anthropology and folklore"

to shoot, and the cane beloweach shoot burst asunder ; from one came out a man, and fromthe other a woman, the parents of mankind. It is of moreconsequence to observe the meaning of the words by whichthe people of the various islands describe themsel

Full text of "The collected works of Edward Sapir"

onkin best looked upon as secondarystems with substantival force, cf. Fox -wind- "horn" and -'kwd- "woman" (pp. 796, 797).' Due to the courtesy of Dr Boas. ^ is e of English m,et; E is obscure vowel ofundefined quality; g' is palatal ^; / is voiceles
Results for "woman" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 58 of 100