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Full text of "The Veddas"

at the assistance she renderedwas of the somewhat passive kind which the presence of anysympathetic woman would have given. Indeed, the oppositewas the case, for, with a single exception, the ceremonial dancesdescribed in Chapter ix were recorded by

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Full text of "Indian antiquary"

uary, cure them by cautery and by burning turmeric.^ Among the Belgaum Korvis, an ear^tribe, when a woman is taken in adultery, she is put out of caste and not allowed back, tillthree millet stalks have been burnt over her head and her tongue has bee

Full text of "A dictionary of the Malayan language, in two parts, Malayan and English and English and Malayan"

putriIndra took the princess to wife. Tvtdpi akanperampuan itu suddh-lah amba per-istri but tothat woman I am already married.itixiJ isteddat, Ar. custom, customary honours,or compliments, etiquette, ceremony. (Vid.if jlc ddat.) Idng tiada tdu isted

Full text of "History of Decatur County, Indiana: its people, industries and institutions, with biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families"

re usually oral and, in mostcases, delightful farces. In the early days, so the story goes, a young womanapplied to Doctor Moody for a license to teach. Doctor bloody was a mem-ber of the board of county examiners. He asked her a few questions andthe

Full text of "An English translation of the Sushruta samhita, based on original Sanskrit text. Edited and published by Kaviraj Kunja Lal Bhishagratna. With a full and comprehensive introd., translation of different readings, notes, comperative views, inde

a great influence over the future destinyof the child in embryo.Thus we read in the Sastras : — "A woman^ though at adistance, conceives a child of the shape of the person sheloves ardently and thinks of at the time. Just as a tree thatgrows is not

Full text of "Quaker women, 1650-1690"

perts, for more than two centuries.The memory of the American women of the same period,who gave its woman martyr to Quakerism, has, however,been recently revived by Dr. Rufus Jones, in his study ofthe " Quakers in the American Colonies." For this rea

Full text of "Visits to remarkable places : old halls, battle-fields, and scenes illustrative of striking passages in history and poetry"

e hermit. The bearers of the holy bodywere proceeding in a state of great anxiety, when they heard awoman inquiring after her cow, and another woman answer thatshe had just seen it in Dunholme ; the fathers had thus only tofollow the good dame, and w

Full text of "A History Of Sanskrit Literature Classical Period Vol I"

in the heart of great souls and also theidea that it is only then when a great soul is weddedwith a woman who by her moral austerities can makeherself pure and attract her husband through herpurity and spiritual greatness and the crucifixion of theba

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Results for "woman" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 62 of 100