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Full text of "The Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland"

rch hadhonoured by rasinpr to, what Mr. Stark calls, the " eminent• •* The marriage of a man with a woman of a superior caste to himself^ U prohibited, and even carnal connection between the sexes of different castesi« penal, especially the connectio

Muslim Law of Marriage Applicable in Sri Lanka | Saleem Marsoof -

of her wali (marriage guardian) to become a Hanafi in order to avoid the rule of Shaffie law that a woman requires the approval of her wali for contracting marriage.12 It is questionable whether such an inflexible approach can be reconciled with the

translated by D. H. Lawrence

the counter-poison to her."Give me the counter-poison; give me the counter-poison!" pleaded the old woman, who was already as black as coal, without any regard for the doctor and the lawyer who were both there, looking one another in the face embarra

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Full text of "The religious system of the Amazulu : with a translation into English, and notes"

ughter ; at last, the little Tiwa-kawaka laughed out loud with its merry cheerful note," and the oldwoman awoke, and killed Maui. This was the cause of the introduc-tion of death into the world. Hine-nui-te-po being the goddess ofdeath, had Maui pass

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Full text of "United States exploring expedition. During the year 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842"

ipped, as elsewhere, there are two highchiefs, whose official titles are, Tuitonga and Veati, and a woman,called the Tamahd, who are believed to be descended from gods, andare treated with reverence on that account by all, not excepting theking, who

Full text of "A dictionary of the Pukkhto or Pukshto language, in which the words are traced to their sources in the Indian and Persian languages"

itat the bride's house whenever convenient. 8.idr(d). khhpa'drtnn. s.m. Courtship.^^ ari'ma, s.f. A woman, wife; female. A.Caurat).jJ^jiJ^-j^ afjal'barjal, a. Entangled, noosed,trapped.U^j^ drkhalkh. s.m. A gasp, gurgle.^liji Urdu, s.m. A camp, canto

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and and then he will try to find or create a solution. But, that is NOT how women are wired. When a woman has a problem, she will generally just “feel” the problem. She won’t try to define it. She won’t analyze it. She will just keep looping the bad
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