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Full text of "Hindoostanee philology; comprising a dictionary, English and Hindoostanee; with a grammatical introduction"

.-ee- girPs -ee- girCs-ka murd, man. -ke murd man.kam- a useful kani- -se, from a useful-kee uorut, woman. -kee uorut woman.are examples, which by extension to a number of such combinations, will elucidate the nature ofka, ke, kee, better than a volu

Full text of "The Telegraph-herald's abridged history of the state of Iowa"

channel through whichthe mind can be improved and expanded. The article is invaluable andany man or woman, young or old, who is ambitious to improve, shouldread, study and reflect on it.WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN'S CELEBRATED LECTURE.The lecture of W. J.

Full text of "[Complete works of Robert Browning"

ra.My babe away &om mc to be baptizedAnd hidden awhile, for fear his foe should find, —The country- woman, used to nursing babea.Said " Why take on so ? where is the great losa ?These next three weeks he will but sleep and feed, ;oOnly b^n to smile a

Full text of "The Indian decisions (New series) : being a reprint of all the decisions of the Privy council on appeals from India and of the various high courts and other superior courts in India reported both in the official and non-official reports from

'' solemnizing or professing to solemnize a marriage between third defend-" ant, a Christian, and a woman professing Hinduism in the absence of" a Marriage Registrar, they not being authorized under the Indian Chris-" tian Marriage Act to solemnize m

Full text of "The English Catalogue of Books [annual]"

gjinliiiiii , Gt, of leUi Cent, Cm (SidaejWa. Bd.XnglJaliwomui, Itary B^ 8>. Sd. nat Atif. 04Bnslidiwoman'i Yeai Book, edit, by B. Jamet,aB.Sd. net Dm. 04'EngntTing*, eoUactias, Blward (Bbt.) la, la. netBnid, Piekfhda (Haimadnke) Oa. June 04Bni^a Ugl

Full text of "New English and Italian Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary"

ciullo, fanciulli, boy^boys.Nouns ending in a are feminine^ and form their plural in e;thus, d6nna, woman^ d6nne, women^ cdsa, house^ cdse, hoiLSrs.Nouns in e are some masculine others feminine, and all havetheir plural in tyas, padre, padri, /a/Aer,

Full text of "The English Catalogue of Books [annual]"

of T. Exam., Bobb (Ths.) 9d. Nov, 06Cbarter Rolls Calendar. Vol 2. 12571800. 158.Wtmam, Sep. 06Charwoman, Autobiog. of, Wakeman (A.) 6d.Mar, 09Chase of the Ruby, Marsh (Rio.) 6d Sep. 06Ch&teaux of Touraine, Lanadale (M. H.) 248. netSep. 09Chats on L

Full text of "Letters of Susan Hale"

ery individual and brilliant personality. Asa girl in the family circle at Brookline, and later asa woman in the Boston society of the seventies, shewas a very distinct character. The following linescan give only a little concerning her life in those

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Full text of "Complete Works Of The Swami Vivekananda Part V"

ia ; onlythe women of the labouring classes can be seen. Evenamongst these, one sees now and then a woman with feetsmaller than those of your youngest child, and of coursethey cannot be said to walk, but hobble.I went to see several Chinese temples.
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