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Full text of "Vie de Seint Auban: a poem in Norman-French"

sher, given in Sir F. Madden's edition of Paris' " Historia Anglorum ", Vol. m.,Pref, liii. Stowe's words (Annales, 1631, p. 43) are as follows: — "MatthewParis, a munke of St. Alban, turned out of Latine prose into French verse thelife and martyrdom


many spellings possible, e.g., Vaddukkodai, Vadukoddei, வட்டுக்கோட்டை, Batakotte, බටකෝට්ටෙ), or any word (e.g., Pattini) you are looking for in the dialogue box that opens up:Or click the letter to go directly to a place name:AB C D EF G H IJ K L MN

Full text of "An etymological dictionary of the Gaelic language"

as been TCdded~*to' Br MacBain's work exceptthe Supplement to The Outlines of Gaelic Etymology, the wordsand letters in square brackets, and a few slight changes from theoriginal text, which are the work of the Rev. Dr George Henderson,Lecturer in Ce

Full text of "The Treasury of languages; a rudimentary dictionary of universal philology"

argu-ment in favour of the fundamental unity of the two classes. Thestudent from Peru finds Quichua words in every vocabulary he lightsupon, whilst the student from Brazil finds Guarani words.ASIAN. Asia and Europe, though different quarters of the g


d page 354, translationline 5, for " R^vaka/' read " Kevakaidmmadi," and in the translation omit thewords " (holding her) in (his) lap ;" see Vol. VI. below, p. 71, and note 4J. F. F.371, column 2, last line, 'for Hrahadagalli, read Hirahadagalli.C.

Full text of "Grammar and vocabulary of the Samoan language, together with remarks on some of the points of similarity between the Samoan and the Tahitian and Maori languages"

alphabet are utilized. D and B are never used ;H, R, and K are of rare occurrence, and then only inwords that have been introduced. All words have a voweltermination, and their etymological forms are constructedby the employment of particles attache

Full text of "Lectures on the science of language, delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in ... 1861 [and 1863]"

ight. Even before Grote-fend, Miinter and Tychsen had observed that therewas a sign to separate the words. Such a sign isof course ^n immense help in all attempts at de-ciphering inscriptions, for it lays bare at once theterminations of hundreds of w

Full text of "Elements of comparative philology"

lespecimen or are on the verge of extinction I have givenmore than I should have done otherwise.The words which are selected as samples are notchosen on a priori principles. This means that I havenot assumed that the names of certain parts of thebody

Full text of "A grammar of the Icelandic or Old Norse tongue, tr. from the Swedish of Erasmus Rask by George Webbe Dasent"

elp for the English student,we shall find it of immense advantage, not only in tra-cing the rise of words and idioms, but still more inclearing up many dark points in our early History; infact so highly do I value it in this respect, that Icannot ima

Full text of "A grammar and dictionary of the Samoan language: with English and Samoan ..."

volume of MS. songs, written out by a nativepoet, and lent me by the Rev. G. Brown, I culled 500new words. On a visit to Samoa in 1885, 1 ascertainedthe correct meaning of these words from various pun-dits, and also collected many other words at the
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