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Full text of "A grammar of the Latin language"

se ; hence I have endeavoured to make the listof irregular verbs and the section on the formation ofwords important branches of grammar which hadbeen much neglected by my predecessors as com-plete as possible. In the syntax, on the other hand, it isr

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information aboutthis point and I have given elsewhere a translation of hisremark in the following words : — " The revered Aksapadahaving composed the Sastra calculated to lead to eternaland an exposition of it ha' fiven by Paksila-swamin, what is i

Full text of "A Descriptive Dictionary of the Indian Islands & Adjacent Countries"

hin, and in north latitude 4" 20^, computed to be10,200 feet high above the level of the sea. — The word abaug signifies " elder brother,"but also from the Javanese " red."BABRA 2 ACHINABRA; or, at full length, Centro del Abra, one of the thirty-four

Full text of "Explorations of the highlands of the Brazil; with a full account of the gold and diamond mines. Also, canoeing down 1500 miles of the great river São Francisco, from Sabará to the sea"

ir and sun dried, fine round the case.coriaceous matter for pulling at with the § Ygacaba is a Tupy word, generallyteeth. Lard (Toucinho) is never wanting used in these parts. The first letter hadin these parts ; and rice and beans can amongst the sa

Full text of "Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions"

ssG.T. Karnal RoadDELHI-1 10033 (India)05^3IV*IN THE MEMORY OFMY MOTHERLATE SHRIMATI SHAHNI DEVIForeword'What is there in a name?' There is definitely much more ina name than may appear to be the case on a superficial survey.Names may appear to be qu


reat sage, is said to havewritten a grammar for the Tamil language called Ptrgattiyam whichused the words 'Ilakkiyam' and 'Ilakkaiiam/, both Tadbhavas of'Laksya' and 'Laksaria* of Sanskrit. Ramayana, Naisadha, Bhdrataand many other Sanskrit works hav

Full text of "Studies in the linguistic sciences"

minor writer. 253IV.Tej K. Bhatia: Media, identity, and diaspora: Indians abroad. 269Part IV: Afterword 2891 8. Ladislav Zgusta: Diaspora: The past in the present. 291Notes on the contributors 299PREFACEThe contributions in Diaspora, Identity, and L

Full text of "A handbook of colloquial Japanese"

y, Japanese is what is gene-rally termed an agglutinative language, that is to say, itbuilds up its words and grammatical forms by means ofsuffixes loosely soldered to the root or stem. It also showsfaint traces of the "law of vowel harmony" or "attr

Full text of "Ancient Egypt: A Series of Chapters on Early Egyptian History, Archaeology and Other Subjects ..."

ufteis on HnutotosT,Am han) avei JHUed from »n Amoricsn Frew, I acquit myieir of Afratifying duly loword « gcnllomsn wbo, by the dwp intercil hnUiaa in Kgjftiaa tubjecu, hai been induced to remlot HMuiifuldsod indlapeimble anialsncB lo the Author.Whe

Full text of "The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon gospels in parallel columns with the versions of Wycliffe and Tyndale"

NTEES TO THE UNIVEESITY.PEEFACE.1 HE Scriptures contain the revelation of God^s will to man^ — God'sword addressed to all mankind. As the Scriptures are Truths the closerwe adhere to them, the nearer we are to Truth. But the nearest ap-proach we can
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