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Rwbaa, Igoo, M. Post, Ilww Rwbaa, M. Xodu, K. Bagra, B. Rwbaa, T. Rwbaa, N. Aado and D. Keenaa (2009). Galo-English Dictionary, with English-Galo Index [International Edition]. Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, Galo Welfare Society. | Ili Riba, Mark W. Post, a

al Copyright Laws and Treaties would be pursued.iiContents Preface to the International Edition Foreword Introduction Acknowledgements About Galo Language Orthography and Alphabetical Order How to Write in `Galoo Ennam (using an IPA-based script) Abb

Full text of "Verner's law in Italy, an essay in the history of the Indo-European sibilants"

ics of the change : borrowing :date of rhotacism in Latin : the change of the Latin accent :list of words : elimination of irrelevant examples.) §§ 40—52 . . . . . 55B. Evidence as to the causes op the change op S toB. §§ 53—60 74C. Evidence as to th

Full text of "Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society"

r exeluHive — for the Brst person of the plural,aud, iu general, iu the agf;lutinative structure of words. Headingover tbese few Bent^ncea one la naturally reminded of the eon nee*tiou already noted by |diilolof;:ista auiouji^ others by otir enuni.»n

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icating ideasin two ways : 1st, by the use of the voice in the utteranceof articulate sounds termed words ; 2nd, by charactersrepresenting articulate sounds. The former is addressedto the ear, the latter to the eye.§ 3. Languages, like the people of

Full text of "A catalogue of the Telugu books in the library of the British Museum, completed by L. D. Barnett. Printed by order of the Trustees"

ically the most importantis the Andhra or Telugu, spoken by about twenty millions.The origin of the word telugu or tenugu is rather obscure, and both forms seemancient. The most reasonable derivation, however, is from ten, " south," so that tenuguwou

Full text of "A Santali-English dictionary"

knowledge of Santali, has been long out of printMost Dictionaries indicate what parts of speech the words are, but inSantali it is impossible to do this in the case of the great bulk of the words.Consequently, in the few instances in which it might h

The Brahma Kumaris have killed God

s stated above by pandurang that we are is absolutely wrong.for your mannerseless words i have to suggest u that if shivababa is there then why u write like mannerselesschange yourself.....prepare yourself for heaven.......if u dese

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their entirety.I will begin with a species of composition whichthe Gaels share with the Norse the sword and shieldsongs. Weapons in olden times were looked uponalmost as living things possessing a soul, able tomove of their own accord, now thirsting

The transformation of Buddhism in Sri Lanka | Groundviews

ys, each species, plant and animal produce after its own kind. The true science is harmony with the word of God! No philosopher could tell where we come into existence. Some have said, we came from five elements but could not tell where those element


Maharajaeya.text-line l,~/0r Huvashkasya read Hnveshkasya.translation, line 1,after day insert the words 'o&^the Maharajft DSvaputraHuveshia.'117, linesSandlOfromtopj-jforstnparea^stfipa.118, line 2 from bottom, for Sravasti rea^ Sravasti.123, No. 1
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