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Full text of "Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal"

le of the paper on the Zinc Mines of Jawar, published in thelast Tolume (pftge 212 et seq.) add the wordB^^Communicated by theAgmuKurai amd Horticultural Society qf India,JOURNALOF THEASIATIC SOCIETY.No. I.— 1851.Detailed Report an the Copper Oree of

Full text of "Modern music and musicians for vocalists. [Encyclopedic] Editor in chief: Louis C. Elson. Managing editor: Nicholas de Vore"

ion on the works presented for classification and judgment, therehas not been accepted as final the word of any single member of the board of editors, but ratherhas the entire selection of material been the result of an elaborate scheme of voting on

Full text of "Antiquity unveiled. Ancient voices from the spirit realms disclose the most startling revelations, proving Christianity to be of heathen origin .."

2Pliny the Younger. — His letter to Trajan referred to the Esse-nes and not to the Christians — The word Christians a forgery, 87VI CONTENTS.Origen. — Christianity and Paganism identical — The narratives PAGErelating to the person Jesus Christ derive

Full text of "An Icelandic prose reader, with notes, grammar, and glossary"

tic iceiiv*they Kt forth,l he biktofian and the phlluloKlfit can talie care of themHelve*,but a few word* to tho«e who wish to learn kelandic In ordertit reMi and enjoy the Saga* for their own nake, will not be outof place here.i'he beginner would, w

Full text of "The satires of Juvenal and Persius, from the texts of Ruperti and Orellius: with English notes, partly comp., and partly original"

aining artifice of every kind, he boldly raisedlis voice against the usurpation of power. With the sword>f satire which he fabricated for himself, he rushes from theMdace to the tavern, from the gates of Rome to the boun-lanes of the empire, and stri

Full text of "[Complete works of Robert Browning"

rit that I was married therePour years ago : and they will add, I hope.When they insert my death, a word or two, — loOmitting all about the mode of death, —This, in its place, this which one cares to know,VOL. II. — I•ougl2 THE RING AND THE BOOK-That

Full text of "The Indian decisions (New series) : being a reprint of all the decisions of the Privy council on appeals from India and of the various high courts and other superior courts in India reported both in the official and non-official reports from

o be imprisoned with or with-CHIMINAL. " ou ^ hard labour for any term not exceeding one month."The words of Section 488 of the present Code are very different.20 M. 3= They are: " the Magistrate may, for every breach of the order, issue a2 Weir 638.

Full text of "History of ancient Sanskrit literature, so far as it illustrates the primitive religion of the Brahmans"

oxk h gnacrifobAS A TOKEN OP ADMIRATION AND GRATITUDEBY HIS PUPIL AND PMENDMAX MULLER.PREFACE.A few words of personal explanation are due tothose who may have seen, in the Preface to theFirst Volume of my edition of the Rig- Veda*, a noteannouncing a

Full text of "A Handbook of the Swahili Language, as Spoken at Zanzibar"

hrough the verbs, making firsta list of useful English verbs from a dictionary, andentering all the words contained in the collections ofwhich I had copies. I thus checked and supplementedwhat others had already done, and obtained a tolerablycomplete

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