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Full text of "Dictionary of the Kiniassa Language"

ry much to the point, and the students of East-Africananguages will do well by taking notice of the words expressed by the RightReverend Missionary Bishop for Central Africa.PREFACE.In introducing this Dictionary to the student, the Editor maybe perm

Full text of "Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland"

worn by women were also discovered.The subject of these kistvaens cannot be dismissed withouta few words on a pecidiarity that specially distinguishesthem, namely the circular or sometimes nearly squareaperture which very generally occurs in the sla

Full text of "Ascension"

ve glimpses of beauty, but more intensive study will open avenues of wisdom to the seeker.But now a word as to how these mighty secrets came to be revealed to modern man after being hidden so long.Some thirteen hundred years B.C., Egypt, the ancient

Full text of "An English-Japanese dictionary of the spoken language"

Tokyo. To many other books and tonumerous friends the compilers are indebted for various individual words andidioms.Each new edition of a dictionary is but a groundwork for its successor, andnowhere is finality less attainable than in Japanese lexico

Full text of "History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway. With Historical Sketches of the District ..."

housand years — that is, 168 year b.c. This is likely enough,but out of our range. He adds that the word Cymmry (Cy-bro)means a Welshman ; also that Cymmry is the univei-sal appellationby which the Welsh call themselves and every other people of thes

Full text of "Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London"

on this point were based on a vocabulary ofJ. Hunt on the Papers read at Manchester. Seight hundred words, recently collected hy himself among variousgypsy families in different parts of the country. Hitherto, theMiglish gypsies had been rather negle

Full text of "s.v.u.oriental journal part-1-4 vol-21-22"

Parpola and Sri Iravatham Mahadevan hâve mistaken thepseudo pictures for ideographs and given the *word^ value for signswhichlook lijke 'archer' (Fig. 6, 19) or 'bowman*, 'soldier holding shield'(Fig €,15-J6) and 'porter' {Fïg. 6, 21-24), but they a

Full text of "A dictionary of the Malayan language, in two parts, Malayan and English and English and Malayan"

structions asmay facilitate its use.The work consists of two parts: the first comprising the Malayanwords in their proper character, arranged according to the order of thealphabet employed by the natives in their writings, which they haveboiTOwed fro

Full text of "The dramatic works of Colley Cibber"

encounter withthe keennefs of his raillery, and the eafy unaffectednonchalance of his humour. In a word, he feem'dmoft truly of Sir Harry Wildair's temper, whofe fpleennothing could move but impoiTibilities. Nor did itfeem within the power of even a

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Results for "word" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 46 of 100