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Where did the name America come from? | Blog

from the name of the Native American people who lived in the area, the Algonquian Massachusett. The word meant “at the large hill.” New Hampshire comes from a county in southern England. Why do we call a turkey turkey? Learn about the history of nati

Diary of a Crossword Fiend : Daily Commentary on Crossword Puzzles

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Full text of "Verner's law in Italy, an essay in the history of the Indo-European sibilants"

ics of the change : borrowing :date of rhotacism in Latin : the change of the Latin accent :list of words : elimination of irrelevant examples.) §§ 40—52 . . . . . 55B. Evidence as to the causes op the change op S toB. §§ 53—60 74C. Evidence as to th

Full text of "A century in the Pacific"

rs, with mixed crews, andmorals yet more strangely mixed. Three hundred years ofsea-adventure, in a word, are crystallized in these SailingDirections. Every bump of a whaler on some hithertounknown reef, every sea current which perplexed some honests

Full text of "List of Malay Plant Names"

the motion of Mr. W. R. Collyer seconded by Mr. J.-R.Wilkinson, it was decided to add to Rule 6 the words :'* No Member shall receive a copy of the Journal or other** publication of the Society until his substTipdon for the currentyear has been paid.

Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions/Place-Names and their Suffixes - Jatland Wiki

ce-names ending in Vihara 24 Place-names ending in Ksetra 25 Place-names ending in Puskarini 26 One-word Place-names 27 Names ofLocalities 28 Tribal place Names 29 References 29.1 1-200 29.2 201-400 29.3 401-600 29.4 601-744Place-Names and Their Suff

Full text of "Aischylou Choēphoroi: The Choephoroe of Aeschylus. A New Edition of the Text with Notes ..."

ies, men whoare not afraid to think and investigate (or themselves^was no further analysis of Greek words and phrases tobe attempted, than might be obtained from mutteringthoste mystic terms — Abslractum pro concretOy Antip-tosisy Catackresisy Pleona

Full text of "The collected works of Edward Sapir"

ossi-ble in human language, independently of all possible racial or cultural associa-tions. Sapir s words remain fully relevant to current discussion of linguistic uni-versals: "A linguist who is familiar with the forms of only one circumscribedgroup

Full text of "The Succssors Of The Satavahanas"

Deccan has been used in this work in a limit-ed sense. It is a familiar corruption of the Sanskrit worddaksiqa meaning south. It " may be, and sometimes is,extended so as to cover the whole of India south of theNarmada ; but is usually understood as

Full text of "Chinese Buddhism"

eves the king of Magadha— Sends forAnanda — Answers to four questions — Brahma comes — Buddha'slast words — Death — Gold coflBn— Maya comes — Cremation — ^Hisrelics— Pagodas, 46-59CHAPTER V.THE PATRIARCHS OF THE NORTHERN BUDDHISTS.Features of Asiatic
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