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Full text of "The Book of the discipline : (Vinaya-pitaka)"

V), pp. 11 ff.RBIylGION CAME TO NINE PIvACBS 5Thus the reason for helping the religion was the evil wordsof Subhadda. 1 And Subhadda [5]_ who was initiated in oldage, was a resident of the city of Attrma 2 and belonged to abarber family. When the Ble


business operations. Thus the telegram delivered to you may contain a greeting from a loved one, a word of cheer in honor of your birthday, Mother's Day, Easter, St. Valentine's Day, Christmas or New Year. It may contain notice of an order for flowe

Full text of "Quaker women, 1650-1690"

t orprinted pamphlet. Outward peace had been establishedunder Cromwell's government, but the war of words2 QUAKER WOMENwhich raged round these religious standards was as bitterin its enmity and as disintegrating in its social effects asthe Civil War

Houston Stewart Chamberlain - Immanuel Kant

cal term so disturbs all experimental investigation of actual facts; they almost throughout use the words “primitive segments“ (1908).45. Schiller to Goethe, 23, VIII, 94.46. TIBIA AND FIBULA.47. As Goethe, when discussing plants, principally employs

Sikhism : An Offshoot of Hinduism | Sikh Philosophy Network

olicy00GuestYour Profile PageContact DetailsPrivacyPreferencesAlert PreferencesExternal AccountsPasswordYour News FeedLikes You've ReceivedYour ContentPeople You FollowPeople You IgnoreEvery Contribution Counts. Contribute Generously.Log OutShow onli

Full text of "The book of Scottish song : a comprehensive collection of the most approved songs of Scotland : with historical and critical notices regarding them and their authors and an essay on the song-writers of Scotland"

of First Lines, great accuracyis of course necessary on the part of the consulter as to the opening word, otherwise hemay be disappointed in his search, and hastily conclude that the song he wants is not inthe book, while it actually is. The omission

Eunomia · Christianity

y person who uses manichean in a very loose and inaccurate way, but it is notable that he uses this word in a post that is trying to explain and contextualise a heterodox idea in Mormonism.In the Mormons’ defense, they do not have a Manichean underst

Where did the name America come from? | Blog

from the name of the Native American people who lived in the area, the Algonquian Massachusett. The word meant “at the large hill.” New Hampshire comes from a county in southern England. Why do we call a turkey turkey? Learn about the history of nati

Full text of "Dictionary of races or peoples .."

to. Finally, it may be that neither the ethnical nor thelinguistic school has reached the ultimate word, but that a morenatural and acceptable classification of peoples will be based in thefuture upon continuity of descent among the members of a rac

Americans warned of Jesuitism,:or The Jesuits unveiled./ By Claudius Pitrat.

er appeared deeply afflicted; still she listened to me with attention and without uttering a single word. When I stopped, she raised her eyes to heaven and exclaimed: " What a misfortune for a poor mother!I have sent to t'.e Page12NOTICE OF THE AUTHO
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