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Full text of "Miscellaneous essays. With life of the author by his son sir T.E. Colebrooke"

ll languages ; this is sometimes effected by adeviation from orthography in the pronuncia[4]tion of words ;sometimes by altering: one or more letters to make the spellingcorrespond with the pronunciation. These rules have beenmore profoundly investig

Full text of "The Australian race : its origin, languages, customs, place of landing in Australia and the routes by which it spread itself over the continent"

ivalents for fish, also thenames of rivers. The explanation probably is that tribeswhich used these words (the Peake Telegraph vocabulary,for instance, contains both), having become the discoverersof these rivers, which abound in fish, named them res

Full text of "The Buddha and his religion"

willingly to the nothingness whence he came, whichis the only refuge that he knows ?Such, in a few words, is Buddhism, and this is the systemof faith which it presents, with the usual accompaniments oflegend and superstition.The religion of the Budd

Full text of "A classical dictionary of Hindu mythology and religion, geography, history, and literature"

his country and on the continent of Europe, But probablythere are few Indianists (if we may use the word) who would not derive a good dealof information from it, and especially from the extensive bibliography provided inthe notes." Dublin Revieic." S

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Full text of "An outline of the religious literature of India"

tan into India, theother spreading over the wide territory which bears theirracial name, Iran. This word is simply a variant form ofAryan, the name used by their brothers, the invaders of India.We may therefore speak of the period before the separati

Full text of "The Monthly Review"

insular war, were the opposing regimciUs committed iner couHict, bayonet to bnyonet, and s^vord to sword, thcitiiring ihnt serteit of remarVnble operations which was undertakenColonel Crawford in the summer of IKK), with the view ofrordiiig succour t

Full text of "Principles of the law of wills, with selected cases"

iple correctly, it is nee-essary in the first place to determine precisely what is here meantby the word " will." It is very important just here to notice that,as used in the law, it has two distinct meanings. In one sense, itrefers to something in t

Full text of "Issue 178: Prince Albert Friend - November/December 2011"

skoolkinders wat geentoekomsdrome het nie. Hoor ons hulle as'n gemeenskap of het ons harte so hardgeword en ons sinisme so diep, dat onssonder belangstelling ons oe wegdraai,ons ore toedruk, ons eie monde snoer omhieroor te praat en uit te reik na me


vasa is to be construed on the basisof the import expressed by the component parts Whichcompose the word Kesava. This sacred name is enumerated twicein the Vishnu sahasranama of the Mahabharata thus.: I andThe etymologists split the word as Ka and Is
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