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Full text of "A Handbook for Travellers in Egypt: Including Descriptions of the Course of the Nile Through ..."

is asked nearly always in sovereigns (Arabic^, guinee), napoleons (Arabic^,binto), shillings (some word), or francs (same word). The hotel bills will bemade out either in English or French money. Before starting up the Nile, thetraveller should prov

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Full text of "The Works of the Rev. Joseph Bingham"

ostohcaniti constitutione, ex iis quse dicemus constabit. Tertdlianus nimi-happened to render these words of Tertullian, — The order of bishops, when it istraoed up to its original, will be found to have St. John for one qfits authors,* It was doubtl

Full text of "The English Review, Or, An Abstract of English and Foreign Literature"

iae further, wefind her ** fulpended, poifed, high hmig in air.'*v Here (heis upon a rope, The next words are, •* with outftrefchcdarms I ftood." Here (he is upon her feet ; or (God knows)perhaps 'in the pofture of a fchool-boy ftanding upon hiahead.

Fanfiction: Romance, Adventure, and Mock Spanish | Aimee Lawrence -

ntingency in radio announcing (I take it) is to produce the effect of a spontaneous, fluent flow of words—if not a forceful, pleasing personality—under conditions that lay speakers would be unable to manage" (198).8 This demand applies especially to

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funny when reading these articles and could be the only one among the fellow-migrants who use the F word to describe self more often than anything else for getting into such a contrasting situation. I wish you good luck when you write the next articl

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of thethird line of the Geste in the Auchinleck MS. leaves no doubt that* Erceldoune ' is the right word for the name of the author'sdwelling that is missing from the first line.^ Sir Tristrem, althoughone of the later Arthurian legends, had at an ea

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that the deeerred praise beetoved apon it became a rock ofotionco, Bud tho sneer injected into the words "pointing withpride." which we had juntly plaowl in onr platforms, did us moreharm than uur good works could cancel. In this enrious worldmore t

Full text of "A glossary of Indian terms relating to religion, customs, government, land ; and other terms in common use : To which is added a glossary of terms used in district work in the N.W. Provinces and Oudh., and also those applied to labourers"

very slightly. In this vocabulary we haverepresented the ain either at the commencement or end of a word by an invertedcomma, 'as 'akl, ma'.The Hindustani Numerals.1 ek.2 do.3 tin.4 char.5 paneh.G chlia.7 sat.8 ath.9 nan.dO das.1 1 igarah.1 2 harah.1

Full text of "World-noted women; or, Types of womanly attributes of all lands and ages"

complexion of the eras in which they figured, and theincidents which coloured their opinions, their words, and their actions.Lord Bacon, — that great authority in judgment, critical, philosophical, andlegal, — ^lias told us, that "it is the part of a
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