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Full text of "The Dhammapada, a collection of verses; being one of the canonical books of the Buddhists"

herenot in this first Paragika anything to be taken away or added ? I reply, Thereis nothing in the words of the Blessed Buddha that can be taken away, for theBuddhas speak not even a single syllable in vain, yet in the words of disciplesand devatas

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Full text of "A catalogue of the Tamil books in the library of the British Museum"

f sounds in tliolanguage, transliteration is attended with some difliculty. For example, « in Tamil wordscan represent according to its position either k or g, and in Sanskrit words it has to doduty also for kh, gh, and even h. I have therefore gener

Aramaic Herald: The Epic of Baal

ow that Dagon was a god of grain and not a fish god. (The rabbis made this mistake because a Hebrew word for "fish" is "dag.") Tammuz was a shepherd god and not a sun god. Baal was a god of thunder and of the rain and not a sun god. Asherah was a mot

Full text of "Literary history of Sanskrit Buddhism; from Winternitz, Sylvain Levi, Huber"

the -Jatakas are versions of the same storywhich we find in the Pali book of Jatakas. They harmonizeword for word with the Pali and many a time show more orless divergence. Thus, for instance, the Shyamakajataka(V T . 2, p. 209 £.), the pathetic stor

Full text of "Another Garland (Book 2)"

over a thousand lives, a formidable numberindeed!The author, in his Preface, recalls the memorable words of Ben Johnson -' For, where his person liv'd scarce one just age,And that, 'midst envy and parts; then fell by rage;His dream too dying.But in

Full text of "A phonetic dictionary of the English language"

ion has rendered imperative the production of anEnglish phonetic dictionary, i. e. one in which the words appearas actually pronounced and are arranged accordiug to theirsounds, the current spelling being added after each word^).A dictionary of this

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he cash I will oblige my Self to pay the Cash at the time the Note specifies or before if [previous word is edited out] Witness my hand this 3d Day of february 1786 Daniel Boone". Boone had served as a militia officer during the Revolutionary War, pr

Full text of "Der schimmelreiter;"

Jensen, the friend of bis aister, and alsoof Ms first wite. In 1874 he lost his father, whose last wordsveie, 3S)aS nun ? In 1880 Storm was, in accoidance with bisown wisbes, relieved ftom his official duties. Soon after-vards be mored to a coimtt?

An abridged Malay-English dictionary (romanized) by R.J. Wilkinson ...

r. ambus, mngnambbus, to run away. amin, Ar. amen; be it so! mn rgamin.. kan, to keep repeating the word amen. amir, Ar. an emir; a chief; amriru'l muminin, Commander of the Faithful. amok, a furious attack; an "amuck "; mungamnok, to run amu(ck; to
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