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tudy of a comparative grammar of Indo-Aryan languages2 only stresses the obvious for preserving old word-forms and also revealing how new forms took shape from old bases, Kashmiri does seem to hold the key to understanding the processes through which

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A guide to the scientific knowledge of things familiar. By Rev. Dr. Brewer ... Carefully revised, and adapted for use in families and schools of the United States.

near the cuart.'; and, as the flash meets withxv >::,littleresistance, it isnot diverted; (in other words) the flash is straigll: Q.I[/wt is SHEET LIGHTNING? A.Eitlerthe reflectionof distant flashes not distinctly visible; or else several flashes int

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tale that saintly Narad toldIn all its glorious length unfold,In all thy poem, through my grace,No word of falsehood shall have place."Sita says to Kama :" My lord, the mother, sire, a sonReceive their lots by merit won ;The brother and the daughter

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The origin of all religious worship. Translated from the French of Dupuis ... Containing also a description of the zodiac of Denderah.

the corrupting tendencies of Catholicism in France. The attentive reader will admire the prophetic words of the author, with regard to its future state of society; his profound erudition and his exuberant store of historical knowledge of antiquity,

The Dhammapada: A Translation

n most of the verses, although in two cases [174, 206] I found it more effective to repeat the lamp-word.The ten "qualities" are more general attributes of sound, syntax, and sense, including such attributes as charm, clarity, delicacy, evenness, exa

transCurrents: Lankan Tamil resistance and the Mumbai attacks

about Dutugemunu riding into battle against Ellalan waving a Lion flag!When the Portuguese used the word "reino" they were referringto the areas under their control; the use of imperio in relation to Kandy was because Kandy was not under their contro

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it of the author. The text isxii Life and Stories of Pdrgvandthaunusually liberal in its use of new words and expressions.Some of these are known to the native Lexicografersand Grammarians; others are explained by the Editorsof the text; yet others m

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