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Full text of "Verner's law in Italy, an essay in the history of the Indo-European sibilants"

ics of the change : borrowing :date of rhotacism in Latin : the change of the Latin accent :list of words : elimination of irrelevant examples.) §§ 40—52 . . . . . 55B. Evidence as to the causes op the change op S toB. §§ 53—60 74C. Evidence as to th

The Works of Jeremy Bentham, vol. 1 (Principles of Morals and Legislation, Fragment on Government, Civil Code, Penal Law)- Online Library of Liberty

whole fabric of British institutions was of a nature to render them friendly to the substitution of words for things. Nothing seemed the result of pre-disposition—every thing seemed, as it were, to have grown up. The constitution was a congeries of m

Full text of "Portuguese Vocables In Asiatic Languages"

esult of the laborious examinationof about fifty different Asiatic languages in search of Portuguesewords might make the Portuguese justly and pardonably proudof the part they once played in the cultural history of the Eastand particularly of India,

Full text of "Grammar of the Hawaiian language"

icating ideasin two ways : 1st, by the use of the voice in the utteranceof articulate sounds termed words ; 2nd, by charactersrepresenting articulate sounds. The former is addressedto the ear, the latter to the eye.§ 3. Languages, like the people of

Full text of "Transactions of the Philological Society"

ettlement^. Here there is of course noreal expression of descent, and the well-known meanings of thewords feld, ford, leah, stede, and ttin, leave no doubt as to the re-lation intended to be marked.But this affain requires to be carefully distinguish

The Brahma Kumaris have killed God

s stated above by pandurang that we are is absolutely wrong.for your mannerseless words i have to suggest u that if shivababa is there then why u write like mannerselesschange yourself.....prepare yourself for heaven.......if u dese

Full text of "See and hear : the journal on audio-visual learning"

riter paper; plane-maymean airplane or woodworking tool;home-means many different things.The use of words as modifiers, themeanings which different people, be-cause oi their differing iewpoints,read into adcrtising copy are com-mented on. Attention i

Full text of "The plays and fragments. With critical notes, commentary, and translation in English prose"

epic version. He represents thewrath of Philoctetes as immediately disarmed by the first sooth-ing words of the Greek envoys (Diomedes and Odysseus). In-deed, that brevity which sometimes marks the poet of Smyrna isseldom quainter than in this passa

Full text of "Hindoostanee philology; comprising a dictionary, English and Hindoostanee; with a grammatical introduction"

ong whom they are destined for many years to sojourn. Thatthe real pronunciation and inflections of words, with the general construction of the Hindoostanee,are most obvious in the Roman character to learners, there can be no doubt ; nor is there any

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Results for "words" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 27 of 100