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Full text of "maosoua"

na'mi (seven times),janndt firdaws/ al-firdaws (once each),janndt/jannat al-ma'wd (once each). Otherwords presented in the commentaries asindicating paradise are ddr al-saldm (twice),ddr/jannat al-khuld (once each), ddr al-muqdma (once), maqdm amin (

Full text of "The Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland"

in every respect beenbestowed upon this work, and from the same remarks beingRepeated in different words.Where then this mistake is, — upon what ground it rests — itwould, under my circumstances, be useless to attempt tounravel. However, it appears

Full text of "The Indian decisions (New series) : being a reprint of all the decisions of the Privy council on appeals from India and of the various high courts and other superior courts in India reported both in the official and non-official reports from

o be imprisoned with or with-CHIMINAL. " ou ^ hard labour for any term not exceeding one month."The words of Section 488 of the present Code are very different.20 M. 3= They are: " the Magistrate may, for every breach of the order, issue a2 Weir 638.

Full text of "Journal"

en the captain quitted the ship to go ashore, the first that hesaw was a native bearing one of the swords of our men, and when hehad found the men, he learnt that they had been robbed of their arms.He at once gave the order to man the boat, but found

Full text of "History of ancient Sanskrit literature, so far as it illustrates the primitive religion of the Brahmans"

oxk h gnacrifobAS A TOKEN OP ADMIRATION AND GRATITUDEBY HIS PUPIL AND PMENDMAX MULLER.PREFACE.A few words of personal explanation are due tothose who may have seen, in the Preface to theFirst Volume of my edition of the Rig- Veda*, a noteannouncing a

Full text of "A Handbook of the Swahili Language, as Spoken at Zanzibar"

hrough the verbs, making firsta list of useful English verbs from a dictionary, andentering all the words contained in the collections ofwhich I had copies. I thus checked and supplementedwhat others had already done, and obtained a tolerablycomplete

Full text of "The Fathers Of The Church A New Translation Volume 46 Saint Basil Exegetic Homilies"

ridged his lecture lest they be drawn away too long fromtheir work/ 14 understood and applauded his words.St. Basil had received the best education of the time inCaesarea, Constantinople, and Athens, and his works reflectthe knowledge of the period i

Full text of "Manuscript remains of Buddhist literature found in Eastern Turkestan; facsimiles with transcripts, translation and notes"

in conformity withCol. Waddell a view who (in a letter to me, dated llth March, 1915) translates thewords drug rins Icot nas by hurriedly composing, or contriving, six , I wouldsuggest the following as a more exact rendering of the sentence : Compari

Full text of "A catena of Buddhist scriptures from the Chinese"

how to express the reiteration of this belief found inChinese Buddhist books better than in the few words attributed to12 A CATENA OF BUDDHISTtion of a latent energy residing in tlie universally diffusedessence. All tliis is in agreement witli the ge

Full text of "Sacred books of the Buddhists"

,* each beginning in the conventional form with thedescription of the occasion, and ending with the wordsitthametam srilyati.Repeated editing did, as is only to be expected, producesome changes in the text, and in introducing these changesthe editors
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