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e^ cfT ^3PS ^FTfU^ =3" ^ =3"cr(r)srwft crHrff^ ^fft?' cfftgayf&r ^tl^rat iAbbreviations: D. = Desbi words. Sk ~ SanskritM. = Marathi Ghij = Gujarati. . _ __ - -.Loc. sing.3TT: orD. 3*^1 if^cl or/to be'arej|or3T*$T 3^*% ( st 46. I.'L )or 'or3T& 3!!%^,

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lespecimen or are on the verge of extinction I have givenmore than I should have done otherwise.The words which are selected as samples are notchosen on a priori principles. This means that I havenot assumed that the names of certain parts of thebody

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elp for the English student,we shall find it of immense advantage, not only in tra-cing the rise of words and idioms, but still more inclearing up many dark points in our early History; infact so highly do I value it in this respect, that Icannot ima

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icating ideasin two ways : 1st, by the use of the voice in the utteranceof articulate sounds termed words ; 2nd, by charactersrepresenting articulate sounds. The former is addressedto the ear, the latter to the eye.§ 3. Languages, like the people of

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y, that of speech, and thatof mind. This agrees with the Gaina doctrine expressedin nearly the same words in the Sthananga Sutra, 3rdudd&raka (see Indian Antiquary, IX, p. 159).The second statement of Upali, that the Niga/Aas con-sider sins of the bo

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volume of MS. songs, written out by a nativepoet, and lent me by the Rev. G. Brown, I culled 500new words. On a visit to Samoa in 1885, 1 ascertainedthe correct meaning of these words from various pun-dits, and also collected many other words at the

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highest knowledge is unutterable, for it exists as an entity in lanes which transcend all material words or symbols.All symbols are but keys to doors leading to truths, and many times the door is not opened because the key seems sogreat that the thi

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ed greatly to the value of these by thederivations which he has been able to suggest for many of thewords, and we desire to express our appreciation of the energyand knowledge he has brought to the task.It is a pleasure and a duty to refer to the ass

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esibilants we ought still, in all probability, to make some dis-tinction between the sounds in such words as histaiti = Skr.ti^ftMti (I § 556 p. 410), maSya- = Skr. m&rtiya- (I § 260p. 212 f., § 474 p. 350), Syaopna- = Proethnic Aryan *cia^tna^^(I §
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