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Full text of "The Australian race : its origin, languages, customs, place of landing in Australia and the routes by which it spread itself over the continent"

ivalents for fish, also thenames of rivers. The explanation probably is that tribeswhich used these words (the Peake Telegraph vocabulary,for instance, contains both), having become the discoverersof these rivers, which abound in fish, named them res

Full text of "A History Of Sanskrit Literature Classical Period Vol I"

are not rare where actual Prakrt forms were Sanskrit-ised. The incorporation of Dravidian and other words intoSanskrit has also been widely recognised. The words formed bythe unadi suffix will supply innumerable instances of how current*>>words gaine

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information aboutthis point and I have given elsewhere a translation of hisremark in the following words : — " The revered Aksapadahaving composed the Sastra calculated to lead to eternaland an exposition of it ha' fiven by Paksila-swamin, what is i

Full text of "A Descriptive Dictionary of the Indian Islands & Adjacent Countries"

n redemption 1576, under the conduct of your valiant captain,Ragamacota" (lUya Makuta, two Sanscrit words, long naturalised in Malay, meaning"prince*" and "tiara") '* with their great loss and the perpetual honour of your Highness'crown and kingdom.


reat sage, is said to havewritten a grammar for the Tamil language called Ptrgattiyam whichused the words 'Ilakkiyam' and 'Ilakkaiiam/, both Tadbhavas of'Laksya' and 'Laksaria* of Sanskrit. Ramayana, Naisadha, Bhdrataand many other Sanskrit works hav

Full text of "Principles of the law of wills, with selected cases"

mind of thetestator — was back of it and is embodied in it. Unless this is so,it is a mere form of words, of no force or value whatever — it isnot the testator's will at all. The manner in which this distinc-tion and this proposition may be applied

Full text of "Studies in the linguistic sciences"

rgotten so-called savage cultures (Harris 1985:7).I have come to the feeling that there are certain words, phrases, terms that I do notlike, even when I am using them in my own writing: words and terms such as'origins', 'center', 'the best', 'the bri

Full text of "A handbook of colloquial Japanese"

y, Japanese is what is gene-rally termed an agglutinative language, that is to say, itbuilds up its words and grammatical forms by means ofsuffixes loosely soldered to the root or stem. It also showsfaint traces of the "law of vowel harmony" or "attr

Full text of "Practical hints on the quantitative pronunciation of Latin : for the use of classical teachers and linguists"

rs. Since the place of theLatin accent is dependent on the quantity of the lastsyllable but one, in words of more than two syllables, ifthe accent were placed right there, the speaker was heldto have made no " false quantities ; " and if in his verse

Full text of "Swahili-English dictionary"

taches to the ideaof a dictionary, and it deals with a dialect which in respectof a large number of words is distinguished by the Swahilisthemselves from the Swahili dialect of the coast. It is basedon the lists of words, singularly accurate and rela
Results for "words" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 32 of 100