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Full text of "s.v.u.oriental journal vol-15,part-2"

e réfèrent by a word; for, without such aknowledge one cannot understand the meaning of aword.' The wordshâve a twofold function [vyâpâra) in language, namely primary denota-tion (abhîdhâ or mukhya) and secondary denotation (laksanâ or gauna)IL NAIYÂ

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nce with the laws and conditions ofour nature.*^ This implies that there might have been once other wordswhich are now lost.yo ; kepa si ng* azi luto olu nga sisindisa ekutshayweni. Si ngaboni nakcala e lona s' ona ngalokuyo na kunkulunkulu. Si ti, "

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not mine.5. Which of these two men do you like the best ?3. Construct five sentences containing the words — le9on,ami, balle, chien, voyage.4. Translate — va-t*en ; quel temps fait-il ? midi moins unquart ; tons les jours ; avant-hier ; d'aujourd'hui

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my sins. ArtuitLUtn, at solemn Masses, ike Priest, [after kavmgblessed the incense wUk thefiUowing words : Maywest thou be b]es4«sed by Him, in whose honourthou shah be burnt, tmd fitmed ihe mUar m ikefirm of a Cross), turns to ihe book, and reads i

All Quiet on the Western Front

esThemesStyleQuotesTopics for DiscussionErich Maria Remarque Biographies (4)Erich Maria Remarque506 words, approx. 2 pagesThe German author Erich Maria Remarque (1898-1970) was a popular novelist whose "All Quiet on the Western Front" was the most su

Spark Streaming - Spark 1.5.1 Documentation

look at what a simple Spark Streaming program looks like. Let’s say we want to count the number of words in text data received from a data server listening on a TCP socket. All you need to do is as follows.First, we import the names of the Spark Str

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eursong- writer. Hut, to give a better idea of his remarkablesuccess, we will quote Mr. Harris' own words:"As I am a writer of popular songs, perhaps my career inthis field will prove better than any argument I might makethat my contention is correct

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t year. But the Commission is looked at with suspicion because there has been a big gap between the words and deeds of the government where it concerns issues of human rights, good governance and accountability.What President Rajapaksa does not reali

Full text of "Vie de Seint Auban: a poem in Norman-French"

sher, given in Sir F. Madden's edition of Paris' " Historia Anglorum ", Vol. m.,Pref, liii. Stowe's words (Annales, 1631, p. 43) are as follows: — "MatthewParis, a munke of St. Alban, turned out of Latine prose into French verse thelife and martyrdom

Full text of "Tracts and miscellaneous criticisms of the late Richard Porson, esq"

AndI would have taken his bare word in the mostmomentous concern. But in these degene^rate days ^^ words are very rascals, since bondsdisgraced them.''In examining an unsound passage he wasmost cautious ; be investigated, balanced, and•reconciled. .
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