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Full text of "Occasional Speeches And Writings"

statement of objectives justice, freedom,equality and fraternity. This statement echoes theringing words of Jefferson in the Declaration ofIndependence :14 OCCASIONAL SPEECHES AND WRITINGSThat all men are created equal, that they are endowed bytheir

Bhagavad-gita Revisions Explained - Part 1 |

again 8.18–19: Verses and reverses 8.19: Restoring that maha-mantra still one more time 8.28: What words are we talking about? (idam viditva) 8.28: Those middle six chapters 8.28: From sraddha to prema 9.4: Missing evidence restored—atah sri-krsna-n

Full text of "The Garuda Puranam"

e minute, the firmestof the firm, the heaviest of the heavy and the best ofall that is good. In the words, letters, principal and minorsacred lores and in the true Saman he is lauded as truth andthe author of true deeds. He is called the ancient Puru

Full text of "Maple leaves : a budget of legendary, historical, critical, and sporting intelligence. [1st-7th ser.]"

lf on his knees on the ground, with headbare, and without sword or spurs, and said three times thesewords : " Monsieur de Beauport, Monsieur de Beauport,^ Monsieur de Beauport, I bring you the faith and homage" which I am bound to bring you on accoun


unir on June 26, 2008 - 2:46 PMSo much is being said on India Pakistan game that I am almost out of words here ;) While on the other hand, UAE is taking Sri Lanka to task. The game is on ;)I guess ;) theossa … thanks for your well wishes, yes he bowl

Full text of "An English-Hawaiian dictionary; with various useful tables: prepared for the use of Hawaiian-English schools"

wants of the English speakingcommunity in their intercourse with Hawaiians.Nearly sixteen thousand words have been defined; and over threethousand phrases illustrate the popular use of English and Hawaiian.More than three thousand synonyms give furt

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tlovers play the game of love. The two merge their individualityinto one. A poet puts the following words into the mouth ofHir :—Ranjhan Ranjhan kardl nl mai ape Ranjhan hoT'Saddo ni mainu Dliidu Ranjha Hir na akho koi.•' By reciting the name of my b

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t While the so-called leaders of countries afar Debated on who's wrong or right But their powerless words were in vain And the bombs fell down like acid rain But through the tears and the blood and the pain You can still hear that voice through the s

Vedic Astrology: March 2011

ipped than me to write. Nevertheless, I wanted, like a parrot that enthusiastically repeats the few words learnt by it, to share with fellow students the little knowledge I received from classics and from my gurus. In this book, I covered divisional

Full text of "A catalogue of the Tamil books in the library of the British Museum"

f sounds in tliolanguage, transliteration is attended with some difliculty. For example, « in Tamil wordscan represent according to its position either k or g, and in Sanskrit words it has to doduty also for kh, gh, and even h. I have therefore gener
Results for "words" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 63 of 100