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Full text of "The Antagada-dasao and Anuttarovavaiyadasao"

gularity ;but instead of being written out in full, they are usuallyabbreviated, the first and last words only being given, withthe word jdia (** until ") to denote the intermediate words ;and often even this stenographic symbol is left out. In thefo

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cationsConstruction of the Sensitivity Region for LP ModelsZero Sagas in Four DimensionsBusiness Keywords and PhrasesCollection of JavaScript E-labs Learning ObjectsCompendium of Web Site ReviewImpact of the Internet on Learning & TeachingThe Busines

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a require^ —jRsdut amnsi me tnlii in noumn ardinmn laudie.** Collecting" the initial letters of the words in the two openinglines, we get TTloelbpisce ; in the next two, claupenaip ; in thelast line, pomcinol : 1Tloel-bpi5ce, claupenaip, pomcinol —Mo

Full text of "Epigraphia carnatica. By B. Lewis Rice, Director of Archaeological Researches in Mysore"

Kadambas were private Brahmans, it was one of their chiefduties to study the sacred texts; in other words they were svddhydya-charchd-pdrds. When they had become kings, it was an equally sacred duty for themto requite good and evil; to do so was what

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k to Enlarge)The word for “sweetmeats”: Sweetmeats ra∙sȧkæ∙vi∙li 7My Little Notes: 7 Explanation of words: ra∙sȧ = “tasty”; kæ∙vi∙li = “eats” (noun) Come “auw∙ru∙dhu” day, it’s quite common for everyone in our neighborhood to visit each other with a

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But then it's very common in all religions to distort or make up stuff from the past to give one's words more authority, so I guess it doesn't matter too much.Buddhism is a religion to unsophisticated people, primarily lay people, in many Asian coun

Full text of "The useful plants of the island of Guam; with an introductory account of the physical features and natural history of the island, of the character and history of its people, and of their agriculture"

. Sometimes we would have our deck fullwith these infidels; but we were always in arms, having our swordsand pistols by our sides, with some Centinels standing abaft beforethem." Some of the Englishmen having gone fishing with the natives,the latter

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asting situation. I wish you good luck when you write the next article and hope you would mind your words. Do you really want to supply water to Jaffna to feed the timid people (definitely you are blind to Tamilness) to make it their homeland. Some o

Full text of "Catalogue of the Spanish library and of the Portuguese books bequeathed by George Ticknor to the Boston Public Library, together with the collection of Spanish and Portuguese literature in the general library"

tractions, and punctuationhave been copied with minute accuracy, even in Ihe case of misprints. The wordsic has, however, been placed after any striking fault or error to show that there hasbeen no mistake on the part of the copyist. Accents have in
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