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Full text of "A catalogue of the Telugu books in the library of the British Museum, completed by L. D. Barnett. Printed by order of the Trustees"

rature ; and in the same way Nannaya'sAndhra-sabda-chintiimani has been the basis of all subsequent works on Telugu grammarand stylistic.Nannaya's successors have left numerous works behind them. Among the poetsof the earlier period (circa 1000-1450

Sigmund Freud Facts, information, pictures | articles about Sigmund Freud

apers on the technique used in psychoanalytic treatment; his five major case histories, the central works of metapsychology; and a series of important surveys and popularizations of his ideas, in addition to his principal applications of his theories

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ndown altogether. These villages lie ItU 4o the N. W. of the Light House.Five of the Company's Salt works are completely destroyed.We have received a great deal of

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eneratedare important for understanding the phe-nomenon of sectarianism.The literary description in works otherthan the Qiir'an — for example works ofqur'anic commentary and propheticbiography — of the society in which theProphet lived does not expli

Full text of "Modern music and musicians for vocalists. [Encyclopedic] Editor in chief: Louis C. Elson. Managing editor: Nicholas de Vore"

nterest asfar as concerns singers are combined in suitable proportion.The list of authorities whose works have been drawn upon in the preparation of these vol-umes is sufficient in itself to establish the value of the material herein contained, and t

Full text of "The Universal handbook of musical literature. Practical and complete guide to all musical publications"

Come ye blessed — 50 Church,mer.Eye hath not seen — 50 Church,Schirmer.Great and marvellous are the worksAvis), SSiB, HATB 5— Silver.List the cherubic host, 8ATB ■Church, SSMSA — 10 n Schir.ner.My soul is athirst for God — 35 Church,Schiriner.No shad

Making a Tantra in Medieval South India: The Mahārthamañjarī and the Textual Culture of Cōl̲a Cidambaram | Whitney Cox -

as contingent upon transformations in the ways in which the city’s literate elites used and created works of textualized language. In turn, the public claims enunciated by the other Cidambaram texts surveyed here find an analog in the Mah¯rthama˜jar¯

Full text of "Antiquity unveiled. Ancient voices from the spirit realms disclose the most startling revelations, proving Christianity to be of heathen origin .."

ds of scholars and free thinkers, . . 128Caracalla, bishop of Nicomedia. — The Council of Nice — Allworks pertaining to the mythological origin of Christianityto be destroyed — Bibliomancy, . . . . . . 129Hegesippus, a Greek Theologian. — The attempt

Full text of "Y cuatro Ebangelio sija yan y Checho y apostoles sija gui Testamento Nuebo y Señotta yan y ..."

ght unto all thatare in the house.16 Let your light so shine before men,that they may see your good works, andglorify your Father which is in heaven.17 If Think not that I am come to de-l3troy the law, or the prophets : I am notcome to destroy, but t

Full text of "The Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland"

iption, as it noticessome pecnliarities of the insect, of which I find no mention made in anyof the works within my reach. It was owing to these peculiarities,and Lacordaire's statement that the three Iinown species were ofyellowish and green colour,
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