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Full text of "The English Catalogue of Books [annual]"

Y ABOUT MAY, 1905.The first volume, published in November, 1900, is not merely a summary from other works,compiled in order to serve as an introduction to the account of the military operations, but is initeeJi an important historical work, based lar

Full text of "The English Catalogue of Books [annual]"

English Catalogue of Books comprises thetitles (in duplicate — namely, under author and subject) of works published during1906, also of some received too late for inclusion in the sixty-ninth issue.Titles and index are in one alphabet. The main entry

Full text of "International studio"

itation to contributework to their annuals, subject to jury, and spe-ciall> invite so many exempted works that only afew of those submitted can be accepted, have beenverv generally condemned. Then there is thegroup idea, which method has many advocat

Full text of "US Government Manual 2005-2006 Edition"

of our people. — He is at this time transporting large Armies offoreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, alreadybegun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the mostbarbarous ages, and totall

Full text of "Catalogue of the Spanish library and of the Portuguese books bequeathed by George Ticknor to the Boston Public Library, together with the collection of Spanish and Portuguese literature in the general library"

hese are included the pamphlets, all of which are bound, numbering 1,978, andmaking 9,845 titles of works ccmtained in the present catalogue.In reference to this collection it is proper to add here the following memorandumleft by Mr. Ticknor : —Alemo

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Love Jane Austen (659 members, 2,213 messages)A group for devotees of Jane Austen and her wonderful works.Banned Books (652 members, 1,616 messages)A place to discuss banned or challenged books and related topics (intellectual…Awful Lit. (628 members

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abharti quarterly Indian Printing Works Indian Printing Works Indian Printing Works Indian Printing works Macmillan Company Macmillan Company Ullur Publishers Ullur Publishers Ullur Publishers Manaktalas Manaktalas S. Chand S. Chand S. Chand S. Chand

Full text of "Book review digest"

llan.London. 9-7321."This classification [of remains] is eightfold,with a miscellaneous section for works whichfall under none of the eight heads. It beginswith promontory fortresses, which depend chief-ly on natural situation for their strength; nex

Full text of "The Dhammapada, a collection of verses; being one of the canonical books of the Buddhists"

Anguttara-nikaya, and the Khuddaka-nikaya. The fifth, or Khuddaka-nikaya, comprehends the following works : i. Khuddaka-pa//*a; 2. DHAMMAPADA; 3. Udana ; 4. Itivuttaka; 5. Sutta-nipata ; 6. Vimanavatthu ; 7. Petavatthu ; 8. Theragatha ;9.Therigatha;

Full text of "A catalogue of the Tamil books in the library of the British Museum"

contributed much to the literary and social develop-ment of the latter. Hence the oldest surviving works of Tamil literature bear a peculiarcharacter ; though it would perhaps be too bold to assert them to be wholly independentof Sanskritic influenc
Results for "works" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 20 of 100