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Full text of "Literary history of Sanskrit Buddhism; from Winternitz, Sylvain Levi, Huber"

• 36Sutralankara .. ... ... ••• ... ••• 36Vajrasuci ; polemic against caste ... ... ... ... 38Other works of Ashvaghosha 30Matriceta ... ... ••• ••• ••• ••• •<• 40Buddhist poet Shura ... ... ... ... ... ... 41Master's selfless love ... ... ... ... ..


if the formeris comparatively studied from the view point of philologywith the latter. The literary works of these old Wester^Vernaculars, especially old Qnjarati and alsoare still so many in MSS. unpublished that if t&eypublished thoroughly and care

Full text of "Northern Italy, including Leghorn, Florence, Ravenne and routes through France, Switzerland, and Austria; handbook for travellers"

hours 12 till 3. Uany of thesmaller churches are open only till 8 or 9 a.m. Visitors may inspectthe works of art even during divine service, provided they moveabont noiselessly, and keep aloof from the altar where the clergyare officiating. On the oc

Full text of "Natural History"

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s sometimes called "Mud Island" and was an important point in the defenses of the Delaware. An earthworks hastily built in 1776, on Mud Island, and then surrounded by water with a deep channel is now firmly united with the mainland. It was called Mud

Full text of "The modern vernacular of Hindustan"

h modernvernacular literature. I therefore giv6 no particularsconcerning authors of purely Sanskrit works, and excludefrom consideration books written in Prakrit, even whenit may have been a vernacular, as not connoted by the termmodern. Nor do I rec

Full text of "History of Decatur County, Indiana: its people, industries and institutions, with biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families"

y's Early Growth — Queer Regulations — Incorporation — Fire De-partment — Police Department — ^'aterworks and Sewerage System — CityHall — Street Paving — Business and Professional Directory in 1915 — -Mileageand Valuation of Telegraph and Telephone

Full text of "Catalogue of the Sinhalese manuscripts in the British Museum"

pted a plan suitable to a literatui-e whichconsists chiefly of interpretations of Pali and Sanskrit works, religious or otherwise.The system of transliteration followed here is that adopted in the recent Orientalcatalogues, with certain variations an

Full text of "Catalogue of scientific books in the Library"

rnithology of Charnwood. Seerotter.Babington, John. Pyrotechnia ; or a Discourse of Artificial Eire-works ; whereunto is annexed a short Treatise of Geometric.Folio. London, 1635.Babington, William. A New System of Mineralogy, in the form ofCatalogue

Full text of "Miscellaneous essays. With life of the author by his son sir T.E. Colebrooke"

rs remark, those terms were already introduced byearlier grammarians.' None of the [6] more ancient works,however, seem to be now extant: being superseded by his,they have probably been disused for ages, and are now perhapstotally lost.*A performance
Results for "works" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 21 of 100