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ew]The Current State of Mexican Democracy- ... It’s success are at the legal and institutional frameworks of government. It’s laws and and electoral system rival that of many consolidated democracies and perform quite well, but this has created the g

Full text of "The Maháwanṣo in roman characters, with the translation subjoined; and an introductory essay on Páli Buddhistical literature. In two volumes. Vol. I. containing the first thirty eight chapters"

Ceylon have already been publlfilKtl In English.The individuals to whom we are indebted for thos*e works, unacquainted themselves with the native languages, and misguid-ed by the persons from whom they derived their information, liave concurred in r

Full text of "Ancient Egypt: A Series of Chapters on Early Egyptian History, Archaeology and Other Subjects ..."

rche* into all that coneemi it* mwl Inlcreatiniroeions : but, it was not till 1639, that the laiKcr works of the newArcbEological School wcr* in otir libnuy; or that it wu in mfpower to biiconio one of CiLtHWLLloii'i diaciplsa. In (acl. il wo*not til

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eraction processes of schizophrenic patients. Combining the interpersonal and phenomenological frameworks, Laing maintains that schizophrenia becomes intelligible as the result of ambiguous and contradictory environmental processes. It is a protectiv

Full text of "PURANA"

t it should not be for-gotten that the riparvatlya Andhras are described as the bhjtyas1. Cellecied works of R. G. Bhandarkar, Vol. I, p. 233.2. Arch. Sun. W. Ind. Vol. IV, p. 108 n.3. A few seholare like Rapson (op. cit, p. xxxv) have entertained so

Full text of "The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon gospels in parallel columns with the versions of Wycliffe and Tyndale"

the Christian faith more than ahundred thousand Germans. Bede was born in 672, and died in735. His works were spread over Europe, and so highly esteemed,that his Ecclesiastical History, written in Latin, was printed aboutthe year 1474^ among the ear

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tist to be taken seriously and make solid connections that can further his/her career. Learning the works of the music industry also enables a new artist to be further successful and profitable. Recent studies show that most new artists without profe

Full text of "PURANA VOL III AND IV"

r,the Aff*i p Wt with the JBaHw*$a could show the moat approxi-mated form. Others speak of separate works of different schoolsand of in oral tradition former to the written transcription ofttfe trdition. It would be very interesting to study part of

Full text of "Catalogue of Marathi and Gujarati printed books in the library of the British Museum. By J.F. Blumhardt ... Printed by order of the Trustees of the British museum"

BA! TARKHADKAB. See Dadoba Pax-ptrRANQA Tarkhadkar. A Hindu gentleman's re-flections respecting the works of Swedenborg . . .Translated . . . from the original in English byAhly&bdi Tarkhadkar. [1881.] 12°. 14137. a. 10.AITIHASIKA GOSHTi. $nr^;(ra; i

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sidered locally to be the most avant-garde of the regular theaters and include in their repertoires works by contemporary American playwrights, such as Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. The Pushkin Theater is one of the most splendidly housed in
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