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Full text of "The useful plants of the island of Guam; with an introductory account of the physical features and natural history of the island, of the character and history of its people, and of their agriculture"

150Weeds 151Animal pests 152Plant names ( - 152Literature 154Topical sketch 154Alphabetical list of works consulted or cited 160Descriptive catalogue of plants 170Index.. 405ILLUSTRATIONS.Facing page.PLATE I. View of Agana, the capital of Guam, showi

Warlords of Draenor Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

ld" attacks with the new ones derived from the talents is interesting, I wonder how Necrotic Plague works with Rolling Blood.Comment by xPozar Necrotic plague is the new corrupted blood >:DComment by jaquesery I think the breath of sindragosa would b

Hinduism Facts, information, pictures | articles about Hinduism

s the Vedangas or limbs of the Veda. Composed mainly from about 700 b.c.e. to about 200 c.e., these works were technical treatises written in the shorthand, aphoristic form called the sutra. The Vedangas make up the six sciences necessary for the cor

Full text of "The North American review"

ds "pointing withpride." which we had juntly plaowl in onr platforms, did us moreharm than uur good works could cancel. In this enrious worldmore than one Aristidee has gone into banishment beoaoao theworld got tired of hearing him called the Just.Wh

Full text of "The Mahávansi, the Rájá-ratnácari, and the Rájávali;"

sty's graciouspermission to dedicate to Your Majesty theSacred and Historical Books of Ceylon.These works, collected by Sir AlexanderJohnston, while President of Your Majesty'sCouncil, for the use of himself and other membersof the Government, are re

Full text of "The English catalogue of books [annual] .."

and Refreshing,Letters to Children, Is £c 6d Davibs & S. JulyBaker (M. N.) Manual of American Waterworks,12mo, Ids New York, ilfar.Baker (Sarahs.) Our Elder Brother : Thoughts forevery Sunday, 12mo, 78 6d ...New York, Dec,Baker (W. L.) Beam; or, Tec

A manual of ancient history. By M. E. Thalheimer ...

f their information, and to discern those special aims which may determine the light in which their works should be viewed: The geographical surveys of recent travelers have thrown a flood of new light upon ancient events; and, above all, the inscrip

Full text of "Stephen Hislop [microform] : pioneer missionary & naturalist in Central India from 1844-1863"

y summit of which the Britons and then theEomans fortified themselves, and from which, using the oldworks, Lesley and his forty thousand stalwart covenantingploughmen looked down on Charles I. on the plain aboveBerwick town. Nor is there any human tr

Full text of "Paris in Its Splendor: By E. A. Reynolds-Ball"

particularly inar-tistic. Altogether this statue is one of the least satisfac-tory of any of Bude's works. Considering that Marshal14 PABia IN ITS 8PLBND0UB.Ney is famous ohieflj as a leader of cayalry, an eques-trian statue would haye been far more

Full text of "PREFACE TO DRAMA"

ssays and introductions,queries to stimulate closer reading or discussion, specially devisedoutline-worksheets to guide disciplined analysis, and suggestions forstudy and further reading.In a variety of ways, Preface to Drama will serve both those wh
Results for "works" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 31 of 100